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Clogs at my feet

by Chiara Ferragni Chiara Ferragni Share


Here they are: the clogs. After trying them some years ago and being ashamed of them for the following years, I understood that once again Karl made it: the Chanel fashionshow was enough to make me love this pair of shoes again and again. Of course Miu Miu helped, creating some particular ones which are literally adored by me. My attention then was caught by the models created by Zara, definetely cheaper, and once I found the perfect one for me I understood at the cash desk that I was trying to buy one size 40 (my size) and a 37. Definitely not the meaning of comfortable. After looking for the missing shoe without winning I surrendered. And then I discovered this suede nice one with a perfect colour for summer that goes well with tan as well. They’re mine
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