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101 Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Ideas

on October 1, 2012 · 265 Comments

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101 Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Ideas from FaithfulProvisions.com

Even after coming up with 101 Operation Christmas Child shoe box ideas for Samaritan’s Purse, I’m sure there are lots of things that I didn’t list, but at least this will get you started. I have packed boxes with my kids for many years, but this year, I will be packing my boxes so much differently.

*Scroll down for the printable list of 101 Ideas for Shoebox Gift Items

Questions about Operation Christmas Child? Click on the links for answers:

This year, my heart will remember the many box openings that I was blessed to witness firsthand when I went to Ecuador with OCC last February. I’ll see those beautiful faces and truly joyful smiles of the children I met as I fill each box. Please know that these boxes mean so much to the children and their families. They really do.

FREE 101 IDEAS PRINTABLE: We now have a FREE one-page printable list of all the 101 ideas below. This is perfect for distributing at your church or school, pinning up on bulletin boards, or taping to your refrigerator. Go HERE to print yours!

Operation Christmas Child Ideas for Boxes

These Operation Christmas Child ideas for boxes are going to work for either gender and most ages.

    1. Hard candy, gum (Please remember to double bag all candy!)
    2. Pencils, colored pencils, and sharpener
    3. Erasers
    4. Pencil case
    5. Crayons
    6. Pens
    7. A personal letter and photo (Find tips for writing a letter HERE.)
    8. About Me page (Free coloring printables for younger children are HERE.)
    9. Ruler
    10. Glue stick
    11. Safety scissors
    12. Coloring book
    13. Markers
    14. Notepads
    15. Stickers
    16. Self-inking stamp
    17. Tennis shoes
    18. Socks
    19. Water shoes
    20. Flip flops
    21. Hand held toys
    22. Plush small animals
    23. Balls: Tennis balls, bouncy balls, Wiffle balls
    24. Jigsaw puzzle
    25. Finger puppets
    26. Silly Putty
    27. Silly Bands
    28. Sunglasses
    29. Scarves
    30. Bandanas
    31. Gloves
    32. Small flannel throw (Roll it up! It will fit!)
    33. Necklace
    34. Watch
    35. Hat
    36. Shoelaces
    37. Bean bag
    38. Hacky sack
    39. Small dry erase board and markers
    40. Teddy bear
    41. Unopened Happy Meal toy
    42. Toy binoculars
    43. Inflatable balls
    44. Legos
    45. Solar-powered flashlight
    46. Harmonicas
    47. Recorder
    48. Tambourine
    49. Jump rope
    50. Paddle ball
    51. Yo yo’s
    52. Handheld Etch A Sketch
    53. Small board books
    54. Slinky
    55. Flash cards
    56. Miniature checkerboard and checkers
    57. T-shirts
    58. Plastic poncho in packet
    59. Drawstring bag
    60. Balloons
    61. Crafting kit (beads, etc)
    62. Toy toolkit set (Thanks, Jenia!)
    63. Plastic eating utensils
    64. Sippy cup/cup with a lid

Grooming and Hygiene Items for Christmas Shoeboxes

These grooming and h jwunbxtv. braccialetto di perle di tiffanyygiene items for Christmas shoeboxes are always welcomed by the children and their families.

65. Comb
66. Brush
67 Dental floss
68. Mild soap (Please put in plastic bag or travel container.)
69. Toothpaste (This too! Be sure it’s in a plastic bag.)
70. Toothbrush
71. Colorful bandages
72. Hand wipes
73. Small pack colorful tissues
74. Lip balm
75. Emery board/nail clippers

Don’t forget your Operation Christmas Child Shoebox labels HERE!

Operation Christmas Child Ideas for Girls

These are some Operation Christmas Child ideas for girls, if you are packing a girl box.

76. Package of multi-colored Sharpies (Thanks, Rachel!)
77. Travel sewing kit (10-14 girl)
78. Fat Quarter bundles (10-14 girl) (Thanks, Stephani!)
79. Hair ribbons
80. Ponytail holders
81. Barrettes
82. Small pots/pans with spatula
83. Bangle bracelets
84. Clip-on earrings
85. Doll
86. Pom poms (like the ones used at football games)
87. Purse
88. Hand mirror (unbreakable)

Operation Christmas Child Box Ideas for Boys

Below are some more tips for Operation Christmas Child box ideas for boys.

89. Ball cap
90. Soccer ball with pump
91. Cars
92. Trucks
93. Kazoos
94. Compass
95. Hammer  (10-14 boy, must be in original packaging) (Thanks, Jennifer!)
96. Nails  (10-14 boy, must be in original packaging + zipper bag)
97. Screwdriver  (10-14 boy, must be in original packaging)
98. Screws  (10-14 boy, must be in original packaging + zipper bag)
99. LED keychain  (10-14 boy)
100. Duct tape (10-14 boy)
101. Tape measure (10-14 boy)

I would love for you to share this post on your Facebook wall, your Pinterest boards, Tweet about it–whatever your preference for sharing with friends. This is a ministry that is near and dear to my heart, and I want this year to be the best year ever for Operation Christmas Child! If you have more ideas, please be sure to include them in the comments below.

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101 Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Ideas from FaithfulProvisions.com

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