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Tiffanie is an Oregon native who began her career at PayneWest in the spring of 2015. After watching the changing economy she left the auto industry with 12 years of customer service experience. Knowing “everyone needs insurance” she switched career paths beginning in insurance in 2009. Continuing education and learning are very important to her and she is excited to have the opportunity to grow with PayneWest. “Being close to home; able to help your neighbors is a blessing.” Giving back to the community is an important aspect she values. Tiffanie dedicates time to various charities such as Relay for Life and Wounded Warrior. Tiffanie loves spending time with her husband and three children. They enjoy their weekends on the soccer field, bowling, hunting, fishing, barbequing, and outdoors. You will also find them traveling anywhere there is a dirt track with sprint cars and watching the Oregon Ducks play football.

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Gasp! Gorgeous, delicate, GIGANTIC flowers… made entirely of paper! PAPER. This is the stunning work of San Francisco based architect/artist Tiffanie Turner… those happen to be her dress-covered legs in the first photo of the post, just to give you a sense of scale. Yep, these botanical beauties all range between 23″ to 36″ in diameter… a light pink dahlia that is three feet across? Yes. I am going to  need that. All of these insanely amazing flowers are part of a show called “Heads” that is currently showing at Rare Device in San Francisco. The show is up until May 28th, so take a break from working in your real garden and go visit this ridiculously gorgeous paper garden… no weeding necessary!  [Opening reception: May 9th from 6 – 8pm]

{ps. Each of these crazy paper blooms can take Tiffanie anywhere between 35 – 80 hours to complete… gasp! Again.}

*Top-most photo taken by Sarah Deragon, all other images were shot by Tiffanie. /// 05.05.2014

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comments (42) hollie /// 05.05.2014 /// 6:32am

WHAT. these are incredible!! i want to touch them.

danielle (aka the jealous curator) /// 05.05.2014 /// 6:34am

i know right?! i’d love to pop into the show and see them all together… then i would lie there in the middle of all of them and pretend i’m in a giant, magical meadow ; )

Sofia Cope /// 05.05.2014 /// 7:29am

It’s a real delight looking at them beauties. They look real but still had that whimsical value about it. I admire the hardwork too!

allison b-t /// 05.05.2014 /// 7:34am

i have dabbled in making paper flowers and can’t even fathom how she accomplished these- they’re AMAZING!!

Sandra /// 05.05.2014 /// 7:49am

I’ve admired her work for a long time and I’ve loved watching her receive the recognition that she deserves.


These are sooooo gorgeous. Just incredible.

brandi marie /// 05.05.2014 /// 7:53am

OMG I want! So beautiful!

Louise /// 05.05.2014 /// 8:09am

What beautiful work. I would love to see in real life but it’s really nice to read about them here. Thanks!

maggie /// 05.05.2014 /// 8:37am

I have been wanting to try and try to make paper flowers although I don’t think I will be making them on this scale, this has definitely inspired me. So gorgeous!

Maggie /// 05.05.2014 /// 7:37pm

Wow! I make paper flowers from time to time, so I can apreciate the work that goes into them. Those are so gorgeous and 10 times the scale of the ones I make. Beautiful, just beautiful. Amazing!!!

Alka /// 05.06.2014 /// 8:41am

These flowers are just wooow… dont know if these are easy to make at home but i really like the look if these ones. You can also try these flowers here. Paper flowers

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Christin /// 05.07.2014 /// 12:08pm

Love these! I want them to smell like real flowers!

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Seppe Slabbinck /// 05.12.2014 /// 1:37am


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Tammy Franz /// 07.03.2015 /// 8:38pm

These VERY realistic flowers are so incredible! Looking at the photos, even with magnified scrutiny, they look absolutely alive! Fantastic job. I would love to learn how to do that myself. Congratulations on having such creativity and sharing it with people all over the world.

Paola /// 10.04.2015 /// 2:55pm

Splendidi..!!! Paola – Italy

ushakiran /// 10.10.2015 /// 7:46pm

Hi . Flower’s are so impressive .Do you provide any online tutorial for these flower’s?

paramita samanta /// 10.29.2015 /// 2:26am

I want to learn how to do that

Tania F /// 11.05.2015 /// 5:18am

I want to buy one

Rhoda /// 11.12.2015 /// 10:56am

Hi. I would like to learn how to make this

Sonja /// 12.02.2015 /// 6:52am

I Stand In AMAZEMENT; not only of nature, but of Tiffanie’s artistry.

Annmarie Budd /// 07.01.2016 /// 12:08pm

These flowers are beautiful, I would love to learn to make them!

the jealous curator /// 07.01.2016 /// 2:25pm

she teaches workshops ; )

Ros /// 08.09.2016 /// 8:26pm

I would love to learn to make them and purchase them

Jackie Allen /// 09.26.2016 /// 12:33am

I would love to learn how to make these flowers

the jealous curator /// 09.26.2016 /// 7:16am

she teaches workshops : ) click on her name in the post and you’ll get to her site.

Lakshmi /// 11.30.2016 /// 5:40am

I would like to learn how to make these flowers

Kris /// 01.16.2017 /// 4:07am

Do you have any tutorials? The flowers are absolutely gorgeous!

the jealous curator /// 01.16.2017 /// 6:54am

hi kris – she just finished the most insanely beautiful book! i’m not sure when it hits shelves but it’s FULL of her secrets/tutorials etc

Ann Blessing /// 03.21.2017 /// 3:14pm

Can I buy book

the jealous curator /// 03.21.2017 /// 6:16pm

not yet, but you can preorder it! http://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/538672/the-fine-art-of-paper-flowers-by-tiffanie-turner/

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