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Who is Tiffany Trump? Daughter of Donald Trump and Marla Maples and Instagram star

The 23-year-old loves pizza, pool parties and some VERY racy bikinis... is Tiffany Trump the most fun President's daughter ever?

Updated: 15th May 2017,

EVEN if you hadn't heard of her before, you're sure to be familiar with Tiffany Trump by now.

She's the 23-year-old daughter of new President of the US Donald Trump, and she was there to support her dad every step of the way in his race to the White House.

 Tiffany Trump kissed her father Donald Trump as it was confirmed he'd won the US election in November 2016
Getty Images
Tiffany Trump kissed her father Donald Trump as it was confirmed he'd won the US election in November 2016

Although his older kids Donald Jr and Ivanka were regulars on the campaign trail, not as much was seen of Tiffany, but she has been present at many of Trump's inauguration events.

Here's all you need to know about her:

Who is Tiffany Trump?

23-year-old Tiffany is the only daughter of Donald Trump and his second wife Marla Maples, she was born in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Named after the famous jewellery chain, Tiffany & Co, Tiffany was brought up by her mother in California after her parents split up.

She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2016 - where she studied sociology and urban sciences.

Since leaving university, Tiffany became big on social media and regularly shares pictures of herself and her very well-known circle of friends.


Who are Tiffany Trump's friends?

The socialite has a close circle of friends, some of them are Kyra Kennedy, Robert F Kennedy Junior's daughter, Princess Olympia of Greece, Barron Hilton of the famous hotel-owning family, model Stephanie Seymour's son Peter Brant Junior and Gaïa Matisse, whose great-great grandfather is artist Henri Matisse.

Making up the group christened the "Snap Pack" by New York Times is Andrew Warren - whose granddad is a well-known textile tycoon in the US.

He's also famed for the photos he posts on social media and is the one who brings them all together.

The group love sharing their lives on Snapchat and Instagram, causing an embarrassing incident last year when Andrew joking about being "poor" online.


They go to fashion shows, see DJs at clubs and love sharing it all for their followers.

Andrew has a clothing line which Tiffany, Kya and Gaïa have all modelled for over the years.

Although known by some for her Instagram posts, Tiffany became better known in July when she gave a speech at the Republican national convention during which she praised her dad.

They go to fashion shows, see DJs at clubs and love sharing it all for their followers.

Andrew has a clothing line which Tiffany, Kya and Gaïa have all modelled for over the years.

What does Tiffany Trump do?

Apart from living the high life with her pals and supporting her President dad, it looks like Tiffany could be thinking about going to law school.

While she has had experience interning at Vogue and even had a stint as a pop star when she was 17, releasing a single called "Like  a Bird," Tiffany recently shared a post on her Instagram of a pile of study books for the Law School Admission Test with the caption "I got this".

Could she be looking at a new career direction?



Although known by some for her Instagram posts, Tiffany became better known in July when she gave a speech at the Republican national convention during which she praised her dad.

"I always looked forward to introducing him to my friends, especially the ones with preconceived notions, because they meet a man with natural charm and no facade," she said.

During his pr Trump gave an interview in which he praised his eldest children Donald Jr, 38, Ivanka, 35, Eric, 32, and Tiffany - he also has 10-year-old Barron with his wife Melania.

"I'm very proud of my children," he said.

"I'm very proud, because Don and Eric and Ivanka and – you know, to a lesser extent because she just got out of school, out of college – but, uh, Tiffany, who has also been so terrific.

"They work so hard."

The mystery of Tiffany Trump - Donald Trump's youngest Daughter



The Fascinating Things You Didn’t Know About Tiffany Trump

The Trump name has become synonymous with scandal, headlines, and, of course, Twitter. Aside from the president himself and his more famous children — like son-in-law Jared Kushner and favorite child Ivanka Trump — Donald’s lesser-known offspring are just as intriguing. Often referred to as “the forgotten Trump,” Tiffany has managed to keep a low profile during her childhood — until now.

Here are 15 fascinating things you didn’t know about the president’s “other” daughter.

1. Her boyfriend is a Hillary supporter

Tiffany’s boyfriend, Ross Mechanic, wasn’t shy about voicing his support for Hillary. | Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Imagine the president’s dismay when he found out a potential son-in-law didn’t vote for him. We can’t imagine Thanksgiving dinner would go all that smoothly. According to Vanity Fair, “Her boyfriend, Ross Mechanic, a registered Democrat who voiced support for Hillary on social media, interned over the summer at Jared Kushner’s real-estate investment start-up, called Cadre.”

Next: Tiffany’s mother, Marla Maples 

2. She was raised by a single mother

Tiffany and her mother are very close. | Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Before she was another one of Donald Trump’s ex-wives, Marla Maples was a lover of the arts, acting on the big and small screens, performing on Broadway, and landing magazine covers. Two months after little Tiffany was born, Trump married Maples, who, of course, is probably most known for her six-year marriage to the now president of the United States.

Next: There was a country between Tiffany and her father.

3. She grew up in California

This mother-daughter duo headed straight toward the sunshine. | J. Emilio Flores/Getty Images

Growing up, Tiffany didn’t get much face time with her father, who has five children with three different women. According to her website, Maples and her daughter moved to Southern California in 1999 to “focus on finding a quieter, more spiritual existence.” Apparently, growing up on the other side of the country from her father and his infamous antics served her well; Tiffany didn’t experience the same kind of media attention as her older siblings.

Next: When did she actually get to see her father?

4. She mostly saw her father during spring breaks growing up

Mar-A-Lago was Tiffany’s home base during spring break. | Gerardo Mora/Getty Images

After Donald Trump’s first divorce, his children grew up just an elevator ride away. After his second divorce, however, it was a different story. Quality time between Trump and his youngest daughter was certainly limited, which could be why some consider Tiffany the “Jan Brady” of the Trump clan. (She was even left out of the super awkward Millennials for Trump photo.)

But it seems the two have been getting closer than they were during Tiffany’s childhood. The New York Times reported that Tiffany spent spring break at Mar-a-Lago with her father, and also saw him for any occasion that warranted a visit to California, like when she won awards.

Next: Her upbringing was a bit different than her siblings’.

5. She had a (somewhat) modest upbringing

Tiffany didn’t have as much access to her billionaire father. | Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

So, we’ve established that Tiffany clearly had a different childhood than her half-siblings. But it may surprise you to hear just how low-key it was. (Of course, all things are relative). According to Vanity Fair, Ivanka briefly mentions Tiffany in her first book, The Trump Card: Playing to Win in Work and Life. Ivanka reflects back to when Tiffany was 15 and asked about how she should approach their father for a modest monetary request. (Tiffany did not have a parental credit card at the time.)

While neither of Trump’s three eldest children treated him like an A.T.M, according to Ivanka, they certainly benefited from their father’s generosity and received a “special treat” on occasion. Tiffany never did get around to asking her father for that money, though, as her big sis came to the rescue. She did, however, receive a credit card the following Christmas, which, unsurprisingly, was a gift idea Ivanka suggested to their father.

Next: Her school-aged acquaintances have a very famous last name.

6. She was acquainted with the Kardashians

The Kardashians are known for their over-the-top lifestyles. | E!

Tiffany and her mother associated with one of the most fascinating family empires of our time — the Kardashians. Marla Maples was friends with Kris Jenner, so Tiffany knew the family while she was growing up in Calabasas, California.

Next: Tiffany hoped to take after her mother. 

7. Growing up, she wanted a career in show business

If you want a career in showbiz, Hollywood’s the place to be. | David McNew/Getty Images

Like mother, like daughter — or, at least when Tiffany was younger, that is. Growing up in Southern California with a mother who had a professional life in show business, it’s no surprise Tiffany thought about getting into the spotlight herself. According to The New York Times, “As a teenager, Tiffany seemed interested in having a show business career like her mother. She took acting lessons with her mother’s coach, and in 2011 she recorded a pop song, ‘Like a Bird.'”

Next: Attending her father’s alma mater brought the two Trumps closer.

8. She went to the University of Pennsylvania

Tiffany was an Ivy-leaguer. | iStock.com/F11photo

When it came to college, it was like father, like daughter. Donald Trump and Tiffany both went to the University of Pennsylvania. Apparently, Tiffany was a great student; she double-majored in sociology and urban studies, with a concentration in law, and took her studies seriously. Tiffany graduated in 2016, before making appearances on her father’s campaign trail.

Next: A common ground in higher education. 

9. She became closer to her father and sister during college

Admittedly, Donald Trump isn’t as proud of Tiffany as he is of his other children. | Jeff Swensen/Getty Images

Tiffany’s attendance at her father and half-sister’s alma mater undoubtedly bonded them. Aside from being geographically closer, Tiffany’s time at the university afforded her the opportunity to showcase just how steadfast she was. According to The New York Times, Ivanka was so impressed, she arranged for her half-sister to have a summer internship at Vogue and a paid internship in communications at Warby Parker after she graduated.

Next: Like all the Trump children, Tiffany looks up to her father. 

10. She is a doting daughter and loyal to her father

Although they weren’t all that close growing up, Tiffany stands by her father. | Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images

When it comes to Trump and his kids, it doesn’t seem to matter how much time they spent together; they all seem to be undying supporters. At the Republican Convention in Cleveland, for instance, Tiffany described her father as her mentor, role model, and a caring, attentive parent. The lesser-known Trump, however, didn’t provide many concrete examples, The New York Times reported.

Next: Tiffany’s naming story 

11. She was named after one of Trump’s favorite deals

Tiffany’s name was no accident. | Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Leave it to the egocentric Donald Trump to name his child after a business conquest. This one, in particular, refers to the landmark jewelry store. Tiffany’s mother, Marla Maples, told The New York Times that their only child together was named after one of the real estate mogul’s favorite deals: Trump purchased the air rights above the Tiffany’s store in Manhattan so he could build Trump Tower.

Next: Following in her sister’s footsteps

12. She’s walked the runway

Tiffany Trump backstage after the Taoray Wang show | Angela Weiss/AFP/Getty Images

Tiffany looks up to her big sis for many reasons, and one way she’s followed in her footsteps is by walking the catwalk. According to People, Tiffany made her modeling debut in 2016, during New York Fashion Week.

Next: Tiffany was left out of the party once Trump got elected. 

13. She’s the only one of Trump’s adult children that he didn’t name to his Transition Team

Tiffany was again the forgotten daughter. | Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

The ethically and legally questionable moves throughout Trump’s campaign, election, and first few months of his presidency have been widely publicized. And when he announced his family members would be working hand-in-hand once he took office, that didn’t sit well with much of the American public. So, it was probably a blessing that Tiffany wasn’t involved in this political mess.

“First, Trump’s lawyer said that the president-elect’s fortune would be put in the hands of his three oldest children — Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric Trump,” The Washington Post reported on Nov. 18, 2016. “The following day, all three were named to Trump’s transition team, helping him pick who will run his administration.” Of course, that would have been a very, very tall order for someone who’d literally just graduated college, so it does make sense why Tiffany wasn’t included on this team.

Next: Donald isn’t the only Trump who’s known for his presence on social media.

14. She’s part of the ‘Snap Pack’

The “Snap Pack” has earned quite the reputation. | Robin Marchant/Getty Images

Instagram stars run the gamut from famous pets to infamously spoiled offspring of the mega-rich — the category Tiffany Trump falls into. Apparently, she’s lost her “modest upbringing” values, as she’s not shy about showing off her lavish lifestyle for the whole world to see.

The crew Tiffany associates with has become so famous for their rich kid antics, The New York Times dubbed them the “Snap Pack.” “Las Vegas in the 1950s and ’60s had the Rat Pack. In Los Angeles in the ’80s there was the Brat Pack. Now, New York has become home base to a young, wealthy and itinerant group that one may think of as the Snap Pack. For them, taking photos and videos for Instagram and Snapchat is not a way to memorialize a night out. It’s the night’s main event.”

Next: Here’s what’s next for the first daughter. 

15. She began attending law school this fall

Tiffany Trump will be geographically closer to her father than ever before. | John Moore/Getty Images

Tiffany will soon be even closer to some members of the first family. According to Time, Tiffany Trump started attending Georgetown Law School in the fall of 2017. She will be the first of her siblings to attend law school.

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EVEN if you hadn't heard of her before, you're sure to be familiar with Tiffany Trump by now.

She's the 23-year-old daughter of new President of the US Donald Trump, and she was there to support her dad every step of the way in his race to the White House.