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Gatwick Airport Guide

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Welcome to the Gatwick Airport Guide – the definitive resource to help you qgndbwnr. jóias tiffany baratos find everything you need when travelling to, from and around Gatwick Airport.

Gatwick Airport has 2 terminals, serving roughly 41 million passengers a year, transporting them to more than 200 worldwide destinations.

The airport provides a wide range of facilities including those for business, children and disabled travellers. There are plenty of coaches, taxis and regular trains, including the Gatwick Express. Alternatively there are many airport parking companies and car hire providers nearby.

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Airport code: LGW

+44 (0)844 892 0322

45 km from London

North Terminal Postcode: RH6 0PJ

South Terminal Postcode: RH6 0NP

Gatwick Airport Taxis

Getting a taxi is a really convenient way to get to or from the airport, saving time on your journey. Check out our taxi page to find out more about local companies offering airport transfers – if you book in advance you can usually save money on the fare!

Staying at Gatwick Airport? Book a hotel!

Whether you have an early flight or have to stay at the airport during the night, airport hotels are always the best option. Find hotel deals at Gatwick Airport on our hotels page, and start your holiday now!

Travel Extras

Book Your Transport Book online with National Express coaches to and from Gatwick Airport and travel across all the UK! Book your Airport Parking Save up to 60% off the drive-up price by comparing all airport parking providers and booking online!
Terminal Information Find out what shops, restaurants, bars and facilities that the terminal at Gatwick Airport has to offer. Book Car Hire! Don’t get stranded! Book your car hire in advance to save money and ensure a smooth journey from the airport.

Gatwick Airport News

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    Gatwick Airport Guide: Our top 15 Instagrams from Gatwick header

    Here are our top 15 posts on Instagram in or around Gatwick Airport... there was loads to choose from but we hope you agree with our choices.

    From celeb-spotting to cheeky kids, we've got it all!

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    Free UK flights from Southend Airport

    Have you experienced delays on your flights from Gatwick or Heathrow when travelling to Manchester, Glasgow or Dublin?

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    2017 Terminal Changes at Gatwick

    Emirate plane flying nearby to Gatwick Airport

    British Airways, Virgin and easyJet are switching up their operating terminals from January 24th 2017, so make sure you're not caught out!

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    A record 2016 for Gatwick Airport

    Gatwick Airport has successfully hit record passenger numbers in 2016 thanks to a huge increase in demand for European and long haul flights.

    record passengers at Gatwick Airport

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    Gatwick Airport unveils new route to Moscow

    Russia’s capital city of Moscow is about to become a whole lot more accessible! You can now fly directly from Gatwick to Moscow.

    A new route has been announced by Gatwick Airport to connect them to Moscow directly. Aeroflot, who are Russia’s national airline will begin the daily route between the two destinations on the 15th November, leaving Gatwick and arriving at Sheremetyevo International Airport, 18 miles northwest of Moscow.

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