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How to Decorate for a Tiffany and Co. Birthday Party

by Karenna Cochrane
Package favors in little blue boxes.

Package favors in little blue boxes.

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Items you will need

  • Blue chair covers
  • White sashes
  • White table cloths
  • Blue table runners
  • Blue gift bags (Tiffany and Co. bags if you can acquire them through garage sales, etc.)
  • White tissue paper
  • Tiffany box cake
  • Cupcakes
  • Party prizes
  • Party favors.

Tiffany and Co. is a luxury jeweller based in the United States. Known for its assortment of silver, gold and diamonds, as well as gift items, one of its claims to fame in the women's accessory industry is the infamous little blue box. Tiffany blue boxes and the attachéd white ribbon are well-known throughout the world as signs of Tiffany branded jewellery. A Tiffany and Co. themed party focuses on the colors blue and white; the Tiffany blue is a light, but not pastel, blue.

Step 1

Cover the chairs in your party space in chair covers in a blue color that matches the blue in the Tiffany color. Add white sashes to each chair. Cover the tables in white table cloths.

Step 2

Create a gift table that resembles Tiffany and Co. boxes. Add blue and white Tiffany and Co. gift bags to the table and fill them with white tissue paper. You can add party prizes to these bags. If you do not have official Tiffany and Co. bags, use blue bags and add a Tiffany and Co.-style stamp to the side. Add gift boxes in shades of blue and white to the gift table.

Step 3

Set up a cake and cupcake station. Add a cake that looks like a Tiffany and Co. box to the table as well as an assortment of blue and white themed cupcakes.

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Tiffany & Co. unveils The Great Gatsby Jewelry Collection

Seems like The Great Gatsby would create history (in a way, it already is)! Awaiting release on May 10, the movie has already seen multiple collaborations and associations. Renowned Hotels, Jewelry, Designer brands, Champagne brands, and even Departmental stores are celebrating Gatsby in their own way! Even Tiffany launched its Great Gatsby Jewelry Collection through an innovative 1920s themed window display at its New York store. They have a gorgeous collection that spells out style and luxury, a collection that Tiffany & Co. has co-created with Catherine Martin – the Academy Award winning costume and production designer, jewelry that the actors would be wearing in the movie!

The Savoy, a headpiece with diamond and freshwater cultured pearl that comes with a detachable brooch. The design and style of this delicate piece has drawn inspiration from Native American design in the Tiffany Archives. It’s the ornament Carey Mulligan wears at evening soirées. Her blond bob is circled with the Savoy. Price: $200,000

Tassel pendants of diamonds, freshwater cultured pearls and platinum is one of the accessories Carey Mulligan’s Tiffany flaunts in the movie. Price: $35,000

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Hand ornament with a daisy motif in diamonds, cultured pearls and platinum has been worn by Elizabeth Debicki, who plays Jordan Baker in the movie. Price: $75,000

The Daisy brooch of white diamonds and a fancy intense Tiffany Yellow Diamond and platinum is again from Elizabeth Debicki wardrobe. Price: $50,000

Another of the Gatsby inspired collection is the flask of sterling silver and black enamel that Leonardo DiCaprio fits perfectly in the pockets of the suits and tuxedos he wears. Price: $2,500

Again from the exquisite wardrobe of Elzabeth Debicki is the ring with a cushion-cut black onyx, diamonds and platinum. And Tiffany prices it at: $20,000

The daisy cuff links of black enamel and 18 karat gold form part of DiCaprio’s wardrobe. Price: $75,000

Another piece from the Great Gatsby collection is the Ziegfeld ring of black onyx with carved daisy motif and “stepped” mounting of sterling silver. Its price is $650.

Tiffany’s also has a Ziegfeld monogram cuff links of black enamel and sterling silver that belongs to the Gatsby collection. It costs $350.

[Via – Tiffany]


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St. Regis New York unveils a special Tiffany Suite