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Back to New search Name Certifications ID City, State Practice Areas Areas Susan Johnson NCC, CCMHC 294311 Accomac, VA Practice Areas Krystal Yeboah NCC 255527 woodbridge, VA Practice Areas Janelle Woods NCC 88826 Franklin, VA Practice Areas Joseph Williams NCC 224785 Charlottesville, VA Practice Areas Carl Bauman II NCC 328902 Dayton, VA Practice Areas Christine Galli NCC 237553 Richmond, VA Practice Areas Mary Kennedy NCC 320320 North Chesterfield, VA Practice Areas Karen Nicely NCC 27360 Ivor, VA Practice Areas Meghan Keller NCC 301528 Washington, VA Practice Areas Vivian Andrews NCC, MAC 29282 Chatham, VA Practice Areas Sataunya Greer NCC 347839 Suffolk, VA Practice Areas Shekila Melchior NCC 285142 Fredericksburg, VA Practice Areas Lee Owens NCC, CCMHC 105 Fredericksburg, VA Practice Areas Blake Davenport NCC 630728 Newport News, VA Practice Areas Regina Sanders NCC 214334 Alexandria, VA Practice Areas Amanda Fitzgerald NCC 91319 Alexandria, VA Practice Areas Angela Josie NCC 278113 Richmond, VA Practice Areas Angela Smith NCC 40965 Newport News, VA Practice Areas Cynthia Skeete NCC 91137 Virginia Beach, VA Practice Areas Heidi Khatibi NCC 340594 Norfolk, VA Practice Areas Jorge E Grandela NCC 37230 Fredericksburg, VA Practice Areas Brenda Davis NCC 76151 Franklin, VA Practice Areas Susan Newton NCC 84184 Roanoke, VA Practice Areas Stephen Jordan NCC-Retired 79063 Fort Defiance, VA Practice Areas Elizabeth Erwin NCC 49676 Roanoke, VA Practice Areas David Allen NCC 65636 Charlottesville, VA Practice Areas Jamie Wyatt NCC 328116 CHarlottesville, VA Practice Areas Crista L Studer NCC 631417 Arlington, VA Practice Areas Christina Accordino NCC 830123 Bedford, VA Practice Areas Lorrie Beyerl NCC 77566 Gainesville, VA Practice Areas Elizabeth Bailey NCC 72439 Arlington, VA Practice Areas Kathy Benham NCC 49821 Richmond, VA Practice Areas Susan Elizabeth Rochard NCC 48933 Arlington, VA Practice Areas Calista Merritt NCC 348168 Fredericksburg, VA Practice Areas Heather Crouse NCC 66946 Duffield, VA Practice Areas George Cunningham NCC 214701 Hampton, VA Practice Areas Cynthia Clay NCC 744799 Virginia Beach, VA Practice Areas Catherine Donovan NCC 756768 Lansdowne, VA Practice Areas Ashley Patrican NCC 329990 Clifton, VA Practice Areas Angela Wainwright NCC 284207 Hampton, VA Practice Areas Andrea Westkamp NCC 54964 Bristow, VA Practice Areas Rebecca Hoyle NCC 757651 Norfolk, VA Practice Areas Amy Starr NCC 225084 Sterling, VA Practice Areas Margaret Kippenhan NCC 254254 Norfolk, VA Practice Areas Shannon Cronin Poppa NCC 85403 Mechanicsville, VA Practice Areas Holly Tracy NCC 95589 Norfolk, VA Practice Areas Edith Gonzalez NCC 630704 Hampton, VA Practice Areas Katrina Clay NCC 683048 Alexandria, VA Practice Areas Sudim Lazo NCC 890079 ALEXANDRIA, VA Practice Areas Ashley Frey NCC 901821 Arlington, VA Practice Areas Marshanda Carter NCC 349222 Haymarket , VA Practice Areas Jacqueline Nichols NCC 227191 Fredericksburg, VA Practice Areas Christopher Miller NCC 644793 Troutville, VA Practice Areas Jonathan Wiley NCC 671145 Radford, VA Practice Areas Susan Walden NCC 279089 Fredericksburg, VA Practice Areas Hank Crofford NCC 309924 Norfolk, VA Practice Areas Michelle Fielder NCC 317541 Portsmouth, VA Practice Areas Jazzmin Maddox NCC 831945 Virginia Beach, VA Practice Areas Erin Johnson NCC, MAC 36411 Charlottesville, VA Practice Areas Laura Gaskins NCC 213420 Charlottesville, VA Practice Areas Robin Brown NCC 91314 Burke, VA Practice Areas Erin Jenkins NCC 83669 Martinsville, VA Practice Areas Amanda Fagan NCC 630648 Chesapeake, VA Practice Areas Michael Borash NCC 4039 Fairfax, VA Practice Areas Pamela Johnson Sinex NCC 46858 Moneta, VA Practice Areas Samantha Bissell NCC 683779 Haymarket, VA Practice Areas Shelley Hudson NCC 284191 Bealeton, VA Practice Areas Ashleigh Sherrill NCC 348629 Fairfax, VA Practice Areas Noora Assad NCC 771257 Arlington, VA Practice Areas Jose Ramos 91164 Norfolk, VA Practice Areas Mary Ann Radebach NCC 15692 Alexandria, VA Practice Areas Linda Siam NCC 329982 Springfield, VA Practice Areas Andrea Smith NCC 29311 Annandale, VA Practice Areas Margaret Louise Stevens NCC 20458 Lynchburg, VA Practice Areas David Tsveer NCC 831569 Fairfax, VA Practice Areas Leah Sanders NCC, CCMHC 742775 Virginia Beach, VA Practice Areas Jenine Stallings NCC 668422 North Chesterfield, VA Practice Areas Joan Normandy-Dolberg NCC 84373 Fairfax Station, VA Practice Areas Darius Green NCC 957262 Harrisonburg, VA Practice Areas Elizabeth Hunter NCC 308729 Norfolk, VA Practice Areas Jamie Hardy NCC 302138 Manassas, VA Practice Areas Christine Currie NCC 203984 VA Beach, VA Practice Areas Alicia Ramey NCC 301163 Norfolk, VA Practice Areas Kimberly Hart NCC, CCMHC 69607 Winchester, VA Practice Areas Adam Zisa NCC 339317 VA, VA Practice Areas Fred Fritz NCC 339378 Virginia Beach, VA Practice Areas Heather Fox NCC 757646 Charlottesville, VA Practice Areas Emma Smith NCC 330478 ALEXANDRIA, VA Practice Areas Byron Branham NCC 311364 Eagle Rock, VA Practice Areas Jordan Izzard NCC 239248 Arlington, VA Practice Areas Denise Hill NCC 626614 Charlottesville, VA Practice Areas Marian Aveson NCC-Retired 76762 Harrisonburg, VA Practice Areas Monica Holloway NCC 283954 Chester, VA Practice Areas Kimberly Milam NCC 312135 Lake Ridge, VA Practice Areas Joanne Nagurny NCC 256967 Oak Hill, VA Practice Areas Robert Auville NCC 275127 Richlands, VA Practice Areas Kelly Nance NCC 331895 Yorktown, VA Practice Areas Steven Singer NCC 54005 Haymarket, VA Practice Areas Anne Beury Belch NCC 628864 Glen Allen, VA Practice Areas Jeannie Adair 82127 Machipongo, VA Practice Areas Jill Nardin NCC 269299 Virginia Beach, VA Practice Areas Cheryl Outen NCC 310014 Richmond, VA Practice Areas Kristen Mahoney NCC 683042 Arlington , VA Practice Areas Kelly Gerstenberg NCC 628827 Springfield, VA Practice Areas Shamane Day NCC 72999 Monroe, VA Practice Areas Kevin Jenkins NCC 337400 Woodbridge, VA Practice Areas Emily Reisch Foster NCC 330868 Arlington, VA Practice Areas Carolyn Higgins NCC 50488 Williamsburg, VA Practice Areas Ashley Powell NCC 339707 Reston, VA Practice Areas Holly Hargreaves NCC 225046 Ashburn , VA Practice Areas Rosanne Shepler NCC 22741 Vienna, VA Practice Areas Teri Hassek NCC 275838 Stafford, VA Practice Areas Jeanne Gates NCC 283908 Alexandria, VA Practice Areas Gloria King NCC 887568 Forest, VA Practice Areas Anne Zeigler NCC 684774 Lorton, VA Practice Areas Jessica Johnson NCC 830389 Front Royal, VA Practice Areas Karen Spees NCC 28826 Arlington, VA Practice Areas Elizabeth Koivisto NCC 275529 Norfolk, VA Practice Areas Amy Hepner NCC 254635 Virginia Beach, VA Practice Areas Patricia Harris NCC 30006 Richmond, VA Practice Areas Crystal Young NCC-Retired 264811 Ashburn, VA Practice Areas Kristina Shannon NCC 300213 Virginia Beach, VA Practice Areas Emily McWhinney NCC 819737 Millwood, VA Practice Areas Gwyn Y Conway NCC 48231 Charlottesville, VA Practice Areas Ashley Green NCC 322415 Virginia Beach, VA Practice Areas Joseph Eader NCC 645720 Hampton, VA Practice Areas Alejandra Rangel NCC 628664 Norfolk, VA Practice Areas Sarah Austin NCC 998581 Evington, VA Practice Areas Theresa Shuart NCC, MAC 24115 Leesburg, VA Practice Areas Jennifer Gallagher NCC 330182 Fairfax, VA Practice Areas Sophie Biggar NCC 756760 Arlington, VA Practice Areas Mary Byrne NCC 44176 Stafford, VA Practice Areas Alexis Wilkerson NCC, CCMHC 933618 Newsoms, VA Practice Areas Dorothy Shellman NCC 84102 Petersburg, VA Practice Areas Sophia Burke NCC 755776 Richmond, VA Practice Areas Andrew Bissell NCC 208458 Harrisonburg, VA Practice Areas Lauren Deasy NCC 884623 Charlottesville, VA Practice Areas Tiffany McAndrews NCC 683813 Chesapeake, VA Practice Areas Amber Leblanc NCC 743203 Virginia Beach, VA Practice Areas Merrill Moore NCC 321006 Richmond, VA Practice Areas Barry Jones NCC, CCMHC 79321 Virginia Beach, VA Practice Areas Nancy Wallace NCC 8705 Fairfax Station, VA Practice Areas Amy Davis NCC 95090 Bristol, VA Practice Areas Jennifer Barnes NCC 227396 Annandale, VA Practice Areas Sara Heldmann NCC 685410 Melfa, VA Practice Areas Elizabeth Zimmerman NCC 341662 Portsmouth, VA Practice Areas Francis Chirinos NCC 56477 Falls Church, VA Practice Areas Sandra Dunn Reid NCC 22005 Charlottesville, VA Practice Areas Candace Snead NCC 322421 Midlothian, VA Practice Areas Laura Welfare NCC 76704 Blacksburg, VA Practice Areas Karen Raymond NCC 232538 Christiansburg, VA Practice Areas Cristal Lake-Sanders NCC 264536 Midlothian, VA Practice Areas Sherri Skelton McLario NCC 61768 Lynchburg, VA Practice Areas Lorena Castiglione NCC 829826 Alexandria, VA Practice Areas Priscilla Kifer NCC 281824 Midlothian, VA Practice Areas Jasmine Reynolds NCC 348761 Newport News, VA Practice Areas Courtney Woodside NCC 757339 Blacksburg, VA Practice Areas James Marquardt NCC 79798 Winchester, VA Practice Areas Jennifer Smethurst NCC 253255 Williamsburg, VA Practice Areas Crystal Hatton NCC 225831 Suffolk, VA Practice Areas Melinda LaVecchia NCC 886035 Amelia, VA Practice Areas Yolanda Wilson NCC 253606 Yorktown, VA Practice Areas Mary Williams NCC 322492 Chesapeake, VA Practice Areas Jean Geiser-Miller NCC 21169 Fishersville, VA Practice Areas Gwen Olson NCC 67820 Annandale, VA Practice Areas Meghan Meader NCC 340155 Palmyra, VA Practice Areas Camille Karcher NCC 86346 Manassas , VA Practice Areas Peter Boccone NCC 254925 Lynchburg, VA Practice Areas Anne Buford NCC 219369 Midlothian, VA Practice Areas Shevona Harris NCC 628658 Virginia Beach, VA Practice Areas Jennifer Jenkins Boitnott NCC 300181 Richmond, VA Practice Areas Sophia Reed NCC 771156 Woodbridge , VA Practice Areas Catherine Graves NCC, NCSC 291182 Ruther Glen, VA Practice Areas Sharon Cheek NCC 219270 Woodbridge, VA Practice Areas Taylor Coghill NCC, CCMHC 683933 Virginia Beach, VA Practice Areas Donna Willett NCC-Retired 35733 Fredericksburg, VA Practice Areas Carissa Strohecker NCC 901828 Arlington, VA Practice Areas John Edwards Anderson NCC 63637 Burke, VA Practice Areas Michelle Hallahan NCC 744944 Vienna, VA Practice Areas Gail E T Santarelli NCC 50261 Richmond, VA Practice Areas Katherine Reynolds NCC 628825 Henrico, VA Practice Areas Ryan Lynch NCC 759617 Herndon, VA Practice Areas Kristin Mischou NCC 83254 Ashburn, VA Practice Areas Cynthia Miller NCC 63622 Alexandria, VA Practice Areas Kaitlyn Appel NCC 631043 Arlington, VA Practice Areas Amie Manis NCC 213431 Lexington, VA Practice Areas Kimberly Van Lanen NCC 90490 Alexandria, VA Practice Areas Chelsea Marrs NCC 887575 Sterling, VA Practice Areas George White NCC 273985 Petersburg, VA Practice Areas Tamela Evans NCC 275534 Suffolk, VA Practice Areas Christopher Coleman NCC 795526 Ashland, VA Practice Areas Sharon Foley NCC 31307 Stafford, VA Practice Areas Chasity Meadows NCC 301995 Alexandria, VA Practice Areas Caitrin Allingham NCC 632466 Oakton, VA Practice Areas Misty Cadle NCC 684495 Pounding Mill, VA Practice Areas Megan Hageman NCC 758581 Lynchburg, VA Practice Areas Rachel Brown NCC 957259 Danville, VA Practice Areas Paige Haecker NCC 756467 Winchester, VA Practice Areas Heather Ison NCC 283927 Big Stone Gap, VA Practice Areas Seanna Jones NCC 275516 Newport News, VA Practice Areas Jillian White NCC 320626 Burke, VA Practice Areas Samantha Perry NCC 831571 Woodbridge, VA Practice Areas Janice Huston Doble NCC, CCMHC 17069 Woodbridge, VA Practice Areas Jo Ann Hodges NCC 243773 Fincastle, VA Practice Areas Ellisse Tracy NCC 900915 Galax, VA Practice Areas Angela Anderson 67956 Blue Ridge, VA Practice Areas Susan Morrison NCC 239969 Chesapeake, VA Practice Areas Gibbs Arthur Jr NCC 20398 Forest, VA Practice Areas Celia-Luella Farr NCC 630649 Virginia Beach, VA Practice Areas Maica W Mueller NCC 339373 Virginia Beach, VA Practice Areas Gwen Louden-Gerber NCC, MAC 255932 Harrisonburg, VA Practice Areas Laurie Thompson NCC 220558 Ashburn, VA Practice Areas Jennifer Dye NCC 796675 Blacksburg, VA Practice Areas Kristi Beroldi NCC 628821 Alexandria, VA Practice Areas Susanne Roderick NCC 42406 Alexandria, VA Practice Areas Sue Saunders NCC 2559 Williamsburg, VA Practice Areas Michael Brown NCC 246441 Norfolk, VA Practice Areas Amy Heiby NCC 331624 Virginia Beach, VA Practice Areas James Glendening NCC, CCMHC 2682 Dulles, VA Practice Areas Elisabeth Butler NCC 91107 Henrico, VA Practice Areas Bethany Lang NCC, NCSC 44894 Centreville, VA Practice Areas Glenda K Lockhart NCC 268380 Richlands, VA Practice Areas Rebekah Phares NCC 281266 Herndon, VA Practice Areas Karen Mann NCC 29703 Gainesville, VA Practice Areas Anna Rizzo NCC 886036 Leesburg, VA Practice Areas Kristine Larson NCC 57567 Virginia Beach, VA Practice Areas Karstin Ann Pfister NCC, CCMHC 15921 Manassas, VA Practice Areas Susan Angle NCC 13336 Radford, VA Practice Areas Gary T Rafala NCC 49857 Culpeper , VA Practice Areas Lauren Poppalardo NCC, CCMHC 684431 Arlington, VA Practice Areas Jennifer Cunliffe NCC 347834 Arlington, VA Practice Areas Tricia Morzenti NCC 210464 Stafford, VA Practice Areas Sasha Baier NCC 258360 N. Chesterfield, VA Practice Areas Manar Algarni NCC 831584 Vienna, VA Practice Areas Melanie Calhoun NCC 684230 Stafford, VA Practice Areas Charlene Tai NCC 211513 Henrico, VA Practice Areas Carol Robinson NCC 28760 Blacksburg, VA Practice Areas Mollie Anderson NCC 831583 Arlington, VA Practice Areas Nina Brown NCC 14400 Virginia Beach, VA Practice Areas Kirsten B Herman NCC, CCMHC 38532 Radford, VA Practice Areas Sonia Valenzuela NCC 95094 Falls Church, VA Practice Areas Galen Diehl NCC, MAC 16960 Collinsville, VA Practice Areas Mary Hermann NCC 52820 Richmond, VA Practice Areas Katherine Leffel NCC 757644 Williamsburg, VA Practice Areas Bernadette Hawkins NCC 630815 Midlothian, VA Practice Areas Natalie Mack 24473 Fort Belvoir, VA Practice Areas Pandita Gerdy NCC 885999 Woodbridge, VA Practice Areas Daphne Ingene NCC 202093 Charlottesville, VA Practice Areas Audrey Lipps NCC 330184 Reston, VA Practice Areas Whitney Artutis NCC 757343 Boones Mill, VA Practice Areas Lindsey Chase NCC 339383 Norfolk, VA Practice Areas Ashley McCutcheon NCC 628644 Virginia Beach, VA Practice Areas Christa Benton NCC 310015 Sandston, VA Practice Areas Edilma Thomas NCC 204121 Woodbridge, VA Practice Areas Karen Grabowski NCC 284049 Toano, VA Practice Areas Bill McFeature NCC 239815 Tazewell, VA Practice Areas Lauren Overman NCC 671072 Windsor, VA Practice Areas Victoria Hayes NCC 757337 Salem, VA Practice Areas Cristina Brown NCC 756079 Glen Allen, VA Practice Areas Elizabeth Wallace Becker NCC 45171 Richmond, VA Practice Areas Sharon Kim NCC 320407 WILLIAMSBURG, VA Practice Areas Miranda Todd NCC 756787 Charlottesville, VA Practice Areas Vittoria Grant NCC 45682 Fairfax, VA Practice Areas Sarah Massie NCC 214340 Norfolk, VA Practice Areas Leigh Sayre NCC 309820 Virginia Beach, VA Practice Areas Karri Lewis NCC, CCMHC 682021 Chesapeake, VA Practice Areas Amir Cotton NCC, CCMHC 795848 Lynchburg, VA Practice Areas Vivian Frear NCC 226089 henrico, VA Practice Areas Lindsey Cosker NCC 338780 Alexandria, VA Practice Areas Karen Johnston-Sabat NCC 302004 Virginia Beach, VA Practice Areas
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128 Dole Hall
1525 Mid-Campus Dr North
Manhattan, KS 66506

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Kansas State University awards semester honors to more than 3,700 students

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Editor's note: If a county or state is not listed, there were no honor students from that area. If a Manhattan area address was given as a permanent address, the student will be listed in the permanent address county and also in the county for the high school on record.
Written by: Taylor Manges, 785-532-1543,


MANHATTAN — More than 3,700 Kansas State University students have earned semester honors for their academic performance during the spring 2017 semester.

Students with at least 12 graded hours and whose grade point average for the semester is 3.75 or above receive semester honors. They also receive commendations from their deans and the honors are recorded on their permanent academic records.

The following students earned semester honors for the spring 2017 semester from Kansas State University:

Kansas Counties

Allen, Anderson, Atchison

Barber, Barton, Bourbon, Brown, Butler

Chase, Chautauqua, Cherokee, Cheyenne, Clark, Clay, Cloud, Coffey, Comanche, Cowley, Crawford

Decatur, Dickinson, Doniphan, Douglas

Edwards, Elk, Ellis, Ellsworth

Finney, Ford, Franklin

Geary, Gove, Graham, Grant, Gray, Greeley, Greenwood

Hamilton, Harper, Harvey, Haskell, Hodgeman

Jackson, Jefferson, Jewell, Johnson

Kearny, Kingman, Kiowa

Labette, Lane, Leavenworth, Lincoln, Linn, Logan, Lyon

Marion, Marshall, McPherson, Meade, Miami, Mitchell, Montgomery, Morris, Morton

Nemaha, Neosho, Ness, Norton

Osage, Osborne, Ottawa

Pawnee, Phillips, Pottawatomie, Pratt

Rawlins, Reno, Republic, Rice, Riley, Rooks, Rush, Russell

Saline, Scott, Sedgwick, Seward, Shawnee, Sheridan, Sherman, Smith, Stafford, Stanton, Stevens, Sumner

Thomas, Trego

Wabaunsee, Wallace, Washington, Wichita, Wilson, Woodson, Wyandotte

U.S. Territories

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas

California, Colorado, Connecticut





Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa




Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana

Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina 

Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon


South Carolina, South Dakota

Tennessee, Texas


Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming


Kansas Counties

Allen County

Humboldt: Anna Setter 

Iola: Chanel Coyne,Bryce Misenhelter, Jordan Strickler, Clara Wicoff, Colby Works 


Anderson County

Colony: Emily Frank, Colton Strickler 

Garnett: Remington Hedges, Derrick Nelson, Chloe Shriber 

Greeley: Morgan Egidy 

Westphalia:Wyatt Pracht, Camille Shilling


Atchison County

Atchison: Dane Anderson, Celina Binkley, Samuel Cooney, Ashton Ettleman, Kori Hopson, Ella McLeod, Canyon Miller, Anna Shipley, Kara Wagner, Connor Wheatley 

Cummings: Molly Bassette 

Effingham: Ashley Chalfant, Amber Kelly, Bridgett Kelly 

Lancaster: Allison Becker, Emily Becker, Kyle Becker, Leah Scholz


Barber County

Hazelton: Morgan Koblitz 

Isabel: Andrea Vierthaler 

Sharon: Hannah Eck, Hannah Rankin


Barton County

Albert: Brandon Keller 

Claflin: Julie Demel, Jennifer Hitschmann, Abby Stueder 

Ellinwood: Kyle Blakeslee, Colton Churchill, Stephanie Goering, Derek Ward 

Great Bend: Wyatt Bayless, Bonny Boultinghouse, Logan Evers, Anna Frizell, Taylor Fry, Alex Gruber, Hannah Hildebrand, Taylor Hofeling, Justin Kuhlman, Taylor Latham, Alaycia Ryan, Mayra Sanchez Lujan, Katherine Schmitt, Kylee Spray, Toby Tracy, Logan Zecha 

Hoisington: Alyson Klug, Abigayle Rziha, Natalie Sanders, Hannah Wilborn 

Olmitz:Garret Schneider


Bourbon County

Fort Scott: Jacob Allen, Annyssa Davenport, Meredith Hill, Mckaleigh Short 

Redfield: Lauren Rockhold 

Uniontown: Chase Gleason, Brittany Tanner


Brown County

Everest: Alec Cowley, Kelly Lehew 

Fairview: Carissa Tummons 

Hiawatha: Emily Bauer, Garrett Binns, Danielle Burleson, Ashley Hirsch, Mariah Hisle, Alexa Keim, Branden Leupold, Lydia Lierz, Lauren Menold, Jack Nolte, Katharine Rosa, Samantha Shamburg, Bryn Swearingen 

Horton: Allison Crump, Erica Schmitz 

Robinson: Tyler Tryon 

Sabetha: Cody Wilhelm


Butler County

Andover: Shelby Boso, Justin Coen, Margo Coltrane, Jack Copher, Chase Cunningham, Allyson Day, Emily Day, Cherilyn E, Krista Everhart, Zachary Fawver, Emi Hayashi, Meg Huelskamp, Juliana Karber, Megan Kohman, Christine Laflin, Alex Lutz, Elizabeth Lutz, Kristen Mcpherson, Taylor Ochsner, Mackenzie Penny, Gabrielle Phillips, Tyler Stock, Robert Strickland, Amanda Stultz, Daniel Theisen, Kyle Toom, Caitlin Watson, Grant Willford, Morgan Winters, Connor Yost, Madison Zimmer 

Augusta: Claire Daniels, Courtney Davis, Brett Hamilton, Hayley Helmer, Derek Jergensen, Jacob Lowery, Madison Rockers, Alicia Walker, Austin Willis 

Benton: Seth Blaha 

Cassoday: Erik Eisenbarth, Joseph Reinert 

Douglass: Cody Holthaus, Avery McNelly, Micheal Oesterle 

El Dorado: Jared Haury, Derek Hildreth, Lauren Johnson, Collin Just, Chance Macy, Stephanie McGivern, Olivia Peiffer, Zachary Ruff, Garrett Runnion, Dan Wagner 

Latham: Michaela Korte 

Rosalia: Angela Merwin, Kevin Merwin, Joseph Nuncio 

Rose Hill: Adrienne Culbertson, Paige Decker, Erica Fuller, Logan Kressly, Melanie McCarty, Kasey Robinson, Mackenzie Webster, Logan Welch, William Wright 

Towanda: Kooper Bardin, Derek Dahl, Christopher White 

Whitewater:Vance Busenitz, Cole Claassen, Grant Claassen, Taylor Guhr, Caleb Tanner, Braden Wiebe


Chase County

Cedar Point: Clayton Jackson, Jake Wessel 

Cottonwood Falls: Lindsay Albers, Brett Engle, Karin Sol 

Elmdale: Scott Hazelton, Mikala Potts 

Matfeild Green: Katie O'Brien 

Strong City:Tori Burkhart, Clayton Schroer


Chautauqua County

Cedar Vale: Brett Champlin 

Niotaze: Katherine Todd 

Sedan:Kyle Chamberland, Leah Steward


Cherokee County

Baxter Springs: David Shafer 

Galena: Greyson Spriggs, Regan Wilson 

Weir: Logan Gideon, Jarod Watson


Cheyenne County

Bird City: Ty Carmichael 

St. Francis: Kyla Bandel, Casey Keller


Clark County

Ashland: Nichole Borgelt, Rachel Cook, Nathan Reimer 

Minneola: Garrett Stewart


Clay County

Clay Center: Lindsay Adams, Katelyn Bohnenblust, Kinsey Cox, Chelsie Crook, Alice Davidson, Emily Ebert, Kristen Egger, Audrey Gaug, Mariah Larson, Lane Liby, Ryan Moos, Evan Penner, Catherine Rohovit 

Green: Braden Richter 

Longford: Alicia Jackson, Lane Nichols 

Wakefield: Ethan Hammond, Cody Sherbert, Stephen Stone, Kathrine Yarrow


Cloud County

Clyde: Caitlin Charbonneau, Damian Cyr, Abigail Sikes 

Concordia: Gabriel Bergmann, Robin Daniels, Stormie Hittle, Braden Johnson, Daniel Longfellow, Katrina Ramirez


Coffey County

Burlington: Amy Collins, Mary Wahlmeier 

Le Roy: Travis Bryan 

Lebo: Regan Norton, Whitney Sloan, Malorie Wagner 

New Strawn: Whitney Croll, Kendra Kratzberg 

Waverly: Will Fehr



Protection: Bayler Kelly


Cowley County

Arkansas City: Joshua Gurnee, Candace Kuecker, Jacob McAfee, Maranda Oak, Megan Rohrs, Lindsey Sparlin, Lauren Welch 

Geuda Springs: Melissa Asper 

Winfield:Eli Camp, Cameron Dennett, Jacob Dennett, Tori Fell, Cassandra Homan, Tucker Hoover, Lauren Kennedy, Sabrina Norris, Chad Olney, Tessa Podschun


Crawford County

Farlington: Kenzie Curran 

Girard: Alixandra Beezley, Logan Erickson, Faith McClaskey, Bethany Schifferdecker 

Hepler: Ethan George, Alexandra Troike 

Pittsburg: Amanda Hoffman


Decatur County

Dresden: Angela Ritter 

Oberlin: Hannah May, Kaine Fredrickson, Kade Grafel, Morgan Jansonius, Troy Juenemann, Sierra Lohoefener, Cassidy Shields, Tyler Shields


Dickinson County

Abilene: Kialyn Anderson, Kyle Anderson, Jason Brantley, Molly Burt, Ryan Clark, Katelyn Dunlap, Madeline Flynn, Elliot Gassman, Mary Graefe, Taylor Hoover, Connor Kijowski, Cody Lokken, Zachary Martin, Alan McElroy, Amy Meysenburg, Matthew Myers, Garry Parzych, Sophia Pitney, Taylor Thompson, Rogan Tokach, Alexandria Walters, Jamie Womochil 

Carlton: Kristy Wilson 

Chapman: Spencer Anderson, Kaylin Fink, Jerrad Gillen, Miranda Rider, Kenneth Roome 

Enterprise: Peter Schlierman 

Herington: Katharyn Roe 

Hope:Abigail Dillon, Tierra Krause, Nathan Lorson, Raelyn Lorson


Doniphan County

Bendena: Luke Rush 

Highland: Kelli Holder, Megan Mueller, Scotti Twombly 

Wathena:Samantha Whitten


Douglas County

Baldwin City: Phillip Carroll, Lily Fursman, Grace Mader, Fayth Peterson, Corey Valentine, Elena Watson 

Eudora: Lauren Gabriel, Weston Harder, Jensen Herron, Molly James, Olivia Lehmann 

Lawrence: Hayley Boden, Sydney Buller, Rebekah Clouse, Amanda Coatney, Jared Fangman, Lindsey Fangman, Michaela Frazer, Jonathon Garrett, Brooke Glasnapp, Anna Guess, Caleb Holland, Daina Holmes, Ethan Kallenberger, Lindsay Kelly, Emilee Kern, Ella Kirk, Anna Kleibohmer, Prerona Kundu, Wyatt Maurer, Molly McCord, Helen McEntire, Matthew Meseke, Parker Montgomery, Justine Moore, Meredith Morris, Laura Neilsen, Elizabeth Patton, Elliot Rogers, Karen Schneck, Matthew Taylor, Mallory Thompson, James Wensel, Abigail Wilson, Jamie Wilson, Madeline Woodard 

Lecompton: Bjorn Funk


Edwards County

Kinsley: Carley Deege, Kristin Stiebe 

Lewis: Clara Cross 

Offerle: Laurin Wagner


Elk County

Howard: Rachel Bellar 

Moline: Carson Jennings


Ellis County

Ellis: Erianna Basgall, Dylan Haas 

Hays: Annaka Applequist, Alex Delton, Kelsie Dewitt, Kacie Engel, Taylor Gabel, Courtney Hess, Kristyn Hodny, Gary Kohlasch, Allison Pfeifer, Caleb Pfeifer, Tanner Pfeifer, Marlee Rath, Heather Ruder, Summer Smith, Max Stieben, Sydney Vahling, Kelli Veach, Haley Wells 

Victoria: Benjamin Rajewski


Ellsworth County

Ellsworth: Matthew Keener, Brittanie Miller, Laura Rankin 

Kanopolis: Trevor Miley 

Lorraine: Ty Nienke


Finney County

Garden City: Matthew Anthony, Linda Bilberry, Jeffery Bogner, Mireya Diaz, Seth Dinkel, Allison Doll, Jeremy Ensz, Mckinsey Gonzales, Jessie Johannes, Kaylee Kipp, Bradley Koster, Jorge Martinez, Ashley Nuzum, Cheyenne Ortner, McKenna Ortner, Paloma Roman, Alisia Saucedo, Kaylee Seyferth, Baily Smith, Reagan Swank, Samantha Trujillo, Vu Vo 

Holcomb: Micheal Pepper, Regan Roth 

Kalvesta: Juliette Reimer 

Pierceville: Hope Beach


Ford County

Bucklin: Darja Meskin 

Dodge City: Alexis Altamirano, Kaitlyn Demuth, Edgar Duarte, Matthew Esquibel, Damian Loya, Olivet Martinez, Emma Miller, Macy Mock, Faith Rahman, Koal Soto, Victor Valdez-Herrera 

Spearville: Alejandro Garcia, Taylor Offerle


Franklin County

Ottawa: Dillon Boeh, Abigail Fangman, Allison Howard, Caleb Parenti, Alex Reed, Sara Soph, Vincent Sylvester, Rebecca Vrbas, Sarah Ward, Casey Weaver 

Pomona: Wyatt Peters, Kara Wray 

Rantoul: Molly Roach 

Richmond: Alexis Pedrow, Amber Schaefer, Megan Schuster 

Wellsville: Chase Bouse, Adeline Dowling, Cassie Enright, Nolan Rush


Geary County

Fort Riley: Faith Bedwell, Elizabeth Buege, Kelly Damor, Cheryl Gomez, Courtney Guerrero, Mark Macdougall, Travis McQueen, Arielle Robertson, Matthew Rofrano, Terha Trevino, Brittany Ziegler 

Junction City: Jeffrey Austin, Alyssa Baquero Garcia, Jace Beavers, Allyson Bogen, Anna Boyer, Daniel Bramucci, Matthew Champagne, Mckenzie Cox, Kelly Ann Delacruz, Olivia Diestelkamp, Christina Dimattia, Michael Eichhorn, Mary Ewers, Willie Flores, Corey Gaither, Jessica Garcia, Christa Grider, Nicole Hamler, Sandra Havel, Shari Humbard, Katharine Kellogg, Aaron Landrith, Cassandra Mancilla, Marissa Muto, Cori Ondrashek, Andrea Opat, Regina Parmer, Jordyn Peyla, Keeley Phillips-Golden, Miranda Saldana-Rodney, Dayton Schmalzried, Laura Taylor, Zanetta Thomas, Katrina Velarde, Shane Wagers, Jason Walsh, Jordan Ward, Rikki Washington, Allison Watts, James Webb, Patricia Wilcox 

Manhattan: Iain Dickie 

Milford:Justin Phemister


Gove County

Gove: Faith Tuttle 

Grainfield: Hannah Gillespie 

Park: Brandace Goetz 

Quinter: Jaci Crist


Graham County

Hill City: Bethany Parker 

Morland: Chantelle Simon, Kylie Simon 

Penokee: Allison Nickelson                             


Grant County

Ulysses:Austin Cantrell, Jordan Howard, Ryan McElroy 


Gray County

Cimarron: Ted Boersma, Abbygail Hogan, Samantha McPhail, Zoe Nicolet, Steven Pfeifer, Jacob Stewart 

Copeland: Savannah Ardery 

Ingalls: MacKenzy Meis, Ryan Miller 

Montezuma: Parker McCoy



Tribune: Mark Woolard, Coraima Yanez


Greenwood County

Eureka: Lane Johnson, Caleb Thornton, Connor Torrey 

Madison:Piper Brandt, Kaitlin Gehring


Hamilton County

Syracuse: Ira Kullot, Jose Ramos


Harper County

Anthony: Roger Clark, Makayla Norwood


Harvey County

Burrton: Kaci Foraker 

Halstead: Breta Alstrom, Cory Armendariz, Jacinta Bergkamp, Kinsey Davidson, Haley McGinn, Mallory Williams 

Hesston: Michaela Adams, Titus Ewert, Hannah Fenton, Scott McGehee 

Newton: Colton Aarstad, Lilibeth Burkhart, Madison Dalke, Lily Dollarhide, Keren Duerksen, Melissa Hamilton, Olivia Hinz, Paul Janzen, Justin Mosiman, Jaiden Ochoa, Maura Thieszen, Alyssa Wortz 

North Newton: Hannah Carlgren, Joshua Carlgren 

Sedgwick: Nathaniel Becker, Paige Griggs, Grant Hilliard, Nicholas Johnson, Elli Kingsley, Drake Standefer


Haskell County

Satanta: Ruben Pando, Rachel Zimmerman


Hodgeman County

Hanston: Jayton Salmans 

Jetmore: Michelle Bradshaw


Jackson County

Circleville: Lena Fernkopf 

Holton: Kaden Brandt, Eero Halbleib, Alex Hamilton, Derek Henry, Calista Hickman, Ethan Holaday, Tara Hurt, Dean Klahr, Sarah Marek, William Patterson, Zachary Porter, Madison Reith, Brandt Rose, Jennifer Vogt, Karl Wilhelm 

Hoyt: Jessica Lake, MaRyka Smith 

Mayetta: Jesse Smith 

Soldier: Aidan Allen, Zev Allen, Elizabeth Hasenkamp, Joel Nelson 

Whiting: Alexandria Bontrager


Jefferson County

Grantville: Scott Hirsch 

McLouth: Hunter Koch 

Meriden: Susan Bartlett, Joshua Becker, Janelle Debus, Allie Deiter, Jody Emery, Karli Fleischer, Spencer Fortney, Quentin Hahn, Chord Livingston, Gabriel Orndorff, Tana Pearson, Alex Thornburgh 

Oskaloosa: Tegan Bowers, Noah Scrimsher 

Ozawkie: Matthew Hamon, Emily Nottingham 

Perry: Jameson Brehm, Sara Hotchkiss 

Valley Falls: Kendy Edmonds, Lawryn Edmonds, Conner Gast, Macee Jepson, Kylie Manville, Noah Schmeissner, Katherine Wunder


Jewell County

Formoso: Kyle Fleming 

Jewell: Hannah Eilert, Sheridan Koster


Johnson County

Bucyrus: Michael Dula, Rachel Meyers, Dylan O'Dell, Parker Stoops 

De Soto: Katherine Gehrt, Elaina Grantham, Jackson McQuality, Abby Oberle, Rhett Pierce 

Edgerton: Sierra Savage 

Fairway: Matthew Ho, Hannah Wallace, Elizabeth Young 

Gardner: Hannah Beachner, Joseph Boutte, Jacob Brooks, Alyson Daniels, Kayla DiTacchio, Ethan Eccles, Macey Elkinton, Jenna Goetzmann, Connor Kerth, Alyssa Koehler, Abigail Lane, Candice Lane, Jordan Martin, Cooper McGuire, Jacob McIntire, Kari Porter, Nicholas Spiller, Taylor Stewart, Rowan Turner, Ashton Vega, Alexa Wilden, Anna Winkler 

Leawood: Sofia Acosta, Chloe Alexander, Margaret Anderson, Alexia Antunez, Lauren Barash, Allison Berry, Kelsie Carpenter, Ashlen Cyr, Maximalian Danner, Francesca Esposito, Ryan Fabac, Suzanne Fiss, Caitrin Furlong, Kara Galbraith, Kathleen Gepford, Levi Gerson, Laura Gibbs, Aubrey Gilchrist, Sarah Gillaspie, Molly Hall, Melanie Harrell, Mark Hattemer, Matthew Heffel, Chloe Henderson, Kathryne Herbel, Gretchen Holthaus, Bridget Howard, Christian Hughes, Ian Jolliffe, Douglas Kellerman, Kevin Kellerman, Corey Kirkpatrick, Connor Knabe, William Korf, Kate Kovarik, Ryan Kruse, Ashton Lane, Mallory Line, Parker Little, Ryan Macfarlane, McKenna Mathewson, Morgan McCaw, Christopher McGee, Jacob Mikuls, Margaret Mitchell, Sarah Newstrom, Erin O'Toole, Brycen Parker, Bailey Peck, Jacob Peterson, Abigail Pope, Molly Pratt, Katherine Rettmer, Mariah Rogers, Nathan Stukel, Conner Swanson, Nathan Thomas, Mackenzie Thornton, Seth Walter, Emily Webb, Elizabeth Weesner, Kevin Weinand, Matthew Weis, Jackson Wright, Sarah Zuspan 

Lenexa: Jon Anderson, Laura Apel, Addison Arner, Michael Bailie, Kara Bamberger, Madison Bangs, Karen Barroeta, Joel Bartlett, Brock Brethour, Matthew Brophy, Haley Bumgarner, Samuel Burdolski, Kelly Chambers, Anna Christenson, Kayla Cooney, Kathryn Crimm, Andrew Dodderidge, Taylor Duff, Austin Eck, Madalyn Fagan, Braden Fain, Hannah Fain, Breanna Fox, Juliane Francia, Madeline Frankel, Emily Godwin, Maureen Graham, Amanda Grant, Madelin Greer, Matthew Grosdidier, Sahiba Grover, Olivia Haney, Andrew Harlow, Elizabeth Harper, Brian Hayes, Hannah Heaton, Abigail Helt, Alexandrea Hennes, Brandt Hill, Whitney Horn, Melissa Huerter, Margaret Jacobs, Shauna Jones, Morgan Kalny, Trevor Keith, Kelsey Klema, Isabel Lauby, Kyle Lickteig, Margaret Loughman, Hunter Lundquist, Anne Mains, Blake Martin, Michael McCosh, Cade McCoy, Kathryn McKenzie, Chloe McMahon, Katherine McWilliams, Max Meyer, Riley Mitts, Jonathan Modig, Abigaile Molzer, Xena Moore, Sarah Neal, Jacob Nobrega, Paige Parker, Nathan Pendergraft, Brian Price, Alexander Ralston, Gabrielle Riggs, Sara Rinner, Merani Rivarola-Gragg, Connor Rockrohr, Joseph Roszel, Kathryn Ryan, Nathan Schmidt, Max Schnittker, Chloe Shearon, Mia Shearon, Scott Sheridan, Ross Siegle, Brandi Sites, John Slattery, Jacob Stark, Robert Steele, Dalton Stene, Joshua Suderman, Hannah Sutherland, Tyler Thayer, Alaina Thomsen, Reid Thornburg, Sara Vandemark, Megan Vanderpool, Emily Waren, Mckenzi Weber, Adam Wilkerson, Mitchell Zubradt 

Merriam: Rachael Cunningham, Elizabeth James, Tucker Love, Madison McLenon, Myra McLenon, Shaun O'Brien, Daniel Patterson, Hannah Patterson 

Mission: Robert Burford, Jaasiel Duarte-Terrazas, Sean Mitchell, Tori Tummons 

Mission Hills: Andrew McKittrick, Evan Rose 

Olathe: Alexis Abadayan, Elshaddai Abamegal, Mikaela Altis, Madeline Ames, Kyley Ast, Jadyn Atteberry, Sara Ault, Nathan Bailey, Charles Balkenbusch, Jordan Bartz, April Berry, Brianna Betsch, Matthew Blais, Morgan Blake, Jacob Bloyd, Gabriella Boeger, Abigail Boucher, Saraya Bragg, Tyler Brennecke, Elizabeth Burg, Kassidy Burgess, Andrew Buyle, Brittny Cantrell, Astrid Carcamo-Tzic, Brian Carpenter, Zachary Case, Michael Chalfant, Adeline Chang, Audrey Chang, Emily Clapp, Diane Collard, Alice Collins, Erin Comfort, Lauren Cooper, Ryan Cooper, Melina Cope, Bailey Cormack, Whitney Cox, Kirstin Crumrine, Erek Dannenberg, Emma Deatherage, Connor Demott, Erin Denton, Alicia DeSanto, Leah Devers, Jacob Dokos, Michelle Dorsey, Katherine Drilling, Mallory Droge, Meghan Dyster, Mitchell Easley, Jordan Eberhardy, Alicia Edgerly, Caleb Engeman, Lindsey Ennen, Megan Fish, Margaret Fitzgerald, Aleta Friedeman, Samuel Fruth, Miranda Gardner, Ashley Gasiorowski, Jordyn Green, Sarah Green, Jason Gregory, Sierra Grimm, James Grube, Natalie Haas, Ryan Haefke, Jessica Halsey, Joe Hampton, Katie Hampton, Andrew Haney, Michael Hanson, Courtney Harris, Hunter Harrison, Joy Hauser, Nathaniel Helgeson, Molly Herbic, Morgan Higgins, Madison Hilger, Mckenzie Hine, Nicholas Hinrichs, Matthew Hiteshew, Savannah Hoang, Brooke Hogan, Rachel Hogan, Henry Hollingsworth, Lati Horton, Ricardo Hotz, Sydney Hovey, Addyson Howard, Cody Hughes, Kimberly Hughes, Gabrielle Hull, Rachael Jongsma, Griffin Karr, Morgan Karr, Jackson Kelley, Trenton Kempker, Rachel Kipper, Brett Kippley, Sarah Koczan, Gabrielle Kohnle, Jenna Kor, Sharidan Kraljic, Samantha Krause, Logan Krizek, Margaret Lang, John Laughlin, Logan Lea, Angela Leek, Megan Leeper, Joanna Lopez, Marissa Lord, Daniel Lovell, Matthew Lundy, Justin Matthews, William McBride, Amber McClurg, Ryan McIlvaine, Alana McLain, Ashley Mcnamara, Michael Meador, Nathan Meier, Kerstin Messmer, Alec Meyers, Erin Meyers, Stephanie Milberger, Joshua Miller, Niccole Miller, Cody Mills, Mikaela Moore, Emily Moormeier, Jeremy Morris, Joshua Mullins, Abigail Murray, Steven Murray, Breanna Nebel, David Nelson, Vincent Nguyen, Kerstina Norlen, Christopher Opperman, Adam Osheim, Audrey Oswald, John Palmer, Raymond Panfil, Aswini Patro, Jack Perkins, Leah Peterson, Morgan Peterson, Mackenzie Phrommany, Nathan Power, Logan Prough, Elliott Pruss, Zoe Pulford, Joseph Pyle, Rebekah Raetzel, Brandon Rathburn, Nicholas Reddin, Callie Reynolds, Sydney Ricklefs, Brooke Riedy, AnnMarie Riley, Cole Robertson, Courtney Root, Savanna Roth, Kelsey Ryan, Tyler Samuelson, Nicole Sanchez, Michael Schartz, Maggie Schroeder, Nicholas Scott, Connor Seacat, Caleb Setiawan, Brandon Shaver, Reagan Sheffield, Taylor Sheffield, Austin Shute, Greyson Sinclair, Katelyn Slavik, Blake Smethers, Kelli Smith, Stephen Snodgrass, Jazmine Snow, Jakob Sola, Alexandra Soliday, Alyson Spencer-Stewart, Kayla Staley, Skyler Stern, Katelyn Struckle, Spencer Taylor, Julie Tompkins, Lauren Vlasity, Andrew Waldron, Joseph Weakland, Luke Whitlow, Sarah Whitney, Kathryn Wilber, Trasia Williams, Zachary Williams, Luke Willis, Brianna Woicke, Samantha Wright 

Overland Park: Dustin Abnos, Jennifer Ackland, Spencer Adam, Mehnaz Afrin, Hannah Alexander, Lindsey Alexander, Madison Allen, Natalie Alton, Josephine Anderson, Eric Aube, Isabelle Aube, William Augustine, Sophia Bachman, Jessica Baker, Emily Ball, Theodore Ball, Kaili Barbour, Dominic Barcarolo, Jordan Barmby, Abbey Bart, Alex Bartlett, Grace Baugher, Kevin Beahm, Nicole Becker, Conner Beese, Timothy Bernard, Griffin Berrigan, Justin Beyer, Alyssa Bianchino, Harrison Biasella, Anna Biggins, Nicole Biggins, Taryn Borelli, Michael Boylan, Emery Braun, Eric Braun, Sarah Brekke, Madeline Briscoe, Brecken Broadbent, Marley Brooks, Reid Brown, Joshua Burk, Alexis Burns, Julie Byrne, Jeffrey Cain, Virginia Cardello, Kevin Carr, Sarah Cauffield, Jane Chaffee, Jordan Chalker, Kendra Christman, Gabrielle Ciccarelli, Jacob Cindrich, Samuel Clark, William Clark, Brendan Clary, Tyler Clements, Sabrina Cline, Logan Coates, Amanda Coffin, Joseph Coleman, Zoe Conde, Rachel Conner, Edgar Cordero, Kaleb Cox, Bailey Current, Alexandra Davis, Alex DeMarea, Sarah Distefano, Samuel Douglas, Claire Duke, Madeline Ebling, Timothy Eccles, Derek Ecklund, Paige Engle, Abby Ewert, Jack Feighner, Heather Ferry, Kelcy Fiser, Nathaniel Fleming, Victoria Floyd, Andrew Foerster, Victor Fontana, Mitchell Fowler, Nicholas Fowler, Hannah Fowles, Thomas Frazier, Colton Fuller, Katlin Gamby, Blaise Gammon, Makaila Gay, Riley Gay, Matthew Genilo, Austin Gilroy, Thomas Gorham, Sarah Gorn, Michael Greco, Nicholas Greco, Allison Griffin, Reagan Grimm, Taylor Hagge, Haley Hartman, Elizabeth Heit, Katherine Henderson, Jori Herman, Trevor Hill, Madison Hines, Megan Hiser, Gerrett Hodges, Emily Hoffman, Madison Hopfinger, Ryann Horton, Nicholas Huggard, Caleb Hughes, Garrhett Hurst, McLain Hymer, Noah Imel, Hannah Johnson, Andrew Kastendick, Madeline Kaster, Zakary Kedrovsky, Lauren Keller, Kristie Kellerman, Ryan Kelly, Eleanor Kenyon, Sonia Khosla, Dylan King, Lillian King Hagen, Erin Klehm, Alyssa Klein, Malorie Klug, Sarah Knowles, Heather Kolb, Katherine Kolze, Katherine Kralicek, Abigail Krstulic, Brent Krull, Amy Kruse, Olivia Kunkel, Renee Lafreniere, Emmalee Laidacker, Kathleen Lansdon, Sofia Lara, Thomas Lasnier, Elaina Latimer, Tiffani Lawrence, Alexis Leikam, Olivia Lenertz, Stephanie Lincoln, Gabrielle Lobo, Lindsay Lowe, Michael Mabry, Jonathan Maher, Taylor Mahring, Ashley Maler, Eshwarsai Marre, Danielle Martin, Margaret Martin, Elizabeth Martino, Janet Matos, Sarah Mayerle, Cortney Mayhew, Alexandra Maynard, Elle McAlister, Samuel McArthur, Bailey McAuley, Nathan McClain, Madeline McCormick, Cassidy McCumber, Caroline McFeeters, Jordan McKemy, Taylor McKillop, Ann McLean, Maxwell Mcvicker, Matthew McWhorter, Karan Mehra, Lauren Mertz, Hannah Michael, Bailey Miller, Carson Miller, Justin Miller, Lindsay Miller, Owen Miller, Valerie Mombello, Emily Moore, Michaela Moyer, Jack Nation, Polina Nations, Ronald Nauta, Erin Newkirk, Erica Nickolett, Abigail O'Grady, Molly O'Meara, Ashley Oades, Jacob Ockerhausen, Tessa Osborn, Natalie Ost, Daniel Pankratz, Elaina Parker, Jonathan Pasowicz, Jesse Patterson, Noah Patterson, Daniel Peacock, Abby Pelfrey, Robert Perry, David Pickett, Samuel Pittman, Kayla Poore, Emily Preston, Emily Privitera, Kelsey Proctor, Natalie Pyle, Robert Redmond, Ryann Regier, Maggie Reid, Conner Richenburg, Madeline Riede, Kyle Rogers, Griffin Rohlfing, Thomas Rolston, Lauren Russo, Ryan Rysavy, Madison Schaller, Rachel Scheffler, Lauren Schmoll, Steven Schmoll, Dalton Schoen, Braden Schroeder, Miranda Schumacher, Scott Schwerdtfeger, Tyler Schwerdtfeger, Malory Shaath, Kylie Sikora, Frankie Skinner, Schyler Slaven, Kylee Smith, Madison Smolich, Sarah Spradling, Lily Staab, Katherine Stachowiak, Kaitlin Stanley, Zachary Stanley, Margaret Stanton, Caleb Stark, Abigail Stec, Nicolas Steiner, Kennedy Stevens, Kaitlyn Styve, John Swagerty, Bret Swanson, Abigail Sweeney, Sally Sweeney, Benjamin Tenbrink, Alyssa Thomas, Brie Thomas, Logan Thomas, Trevor Thomas, Artem Thuma, Emily Tilden, Kelly Toolin, Leslie Twillman, Taylor Tyrrell, William Van Cleve, Jamie Waechter, Mohamed Ali Wahba, Samar Wahba, Mitchell Walden, Hayley Wallace, Stephanie Wallace, Natalie Warshaw, Samantha Weems, Kaitlin Wells, Phillip Wendte, Brett White, Jael Whitney, Hannah Wiesner, Paige Wiley, Jake Willson, Alexandra Wilson, Michael Wilson, Cassidy Winsor, Bryan Zack, Isaac Zahner 

Prairie Village: Emma Calvert, Cameron Carollo, Anna Cook, Katherine Donaldson, Sydney Edmisten, Noah Eidemiller, Kyle Fairfax, Michael Falk, George Fischer, Elizabeth Hall, Rachel Haskell, Matthew Horner, Lauren Hunter, Cole McCabe, George Miller, William Orth, John Pivovar, Mary Grace Poskin, Jessica Provost, Zachary Queen, Anne Recker, Olivia Redelsheimer, David Ronning, Samuel Slater, Jessica Thompson, Gabrielle Vandergriff, Anne Willman, Frances Wooldridge 

Roeland Park: Emily Kyle, Ryley Leseberg 

Shawnee: Lindsay May, Travis Atchison, Robert Ault, Alexandra Barney, Ethan Bartel, Peyton Barton, Brooke Bennett, Spencer Boaz, Samuel Broll, Katherine Burton, Jack Casburn, Abigail Cater, Paige Coleman, Blake Correll, Jordan Cox, Gina D'Amato, William Daniels, Abbey Davied, Cody Deas, Annabelle Dillon, Jared Dorr, Nathan Eckenberg, Andrew Eigsti, Frank Evans, Bryan Ezell, Gabrielle Fangman, Morgan Fangman, Luke Fields, Bailee Flaming, Emily Francis, Daniel Franken, Jordan Freeman, Joyce Friedel, Brittany Funk, Patrick Gambill, Samantha Goetting, Grace Gregory, Lindsey Hamner, Olivia Harding, Meghan Haun, Amy Hein, Mary Hellmer, Amanda Hoelting, Jacob Hubert, Darby Huddleston, Abigail Hughes, Sondra Ibarra, Miranda Isaacsen, Siddarth Jambunathan, Maxwell Jenks, Jackson Jennings, Courtney Johnson, Lucas Karlin, Kristina Keehn, Clayton Kistner, Paul Klippel, Amanda Krieg, Kaitlyn Kuhl, Emily Lavery, Emily Leonard, Kurtis Loevenstein, Bridget Lynch, Shawn Manning, Nicholas Mannoni, Mallory Martin, Leanna McClintock, Meghan McCluskey, Abigail McCormick, Clifford Meeks, Claudia Meredith, Blake Miles, Maggie Mulich, Laura Munk, Martha Nguyen, Emily Nicol, Michael Nyhart, Gage Oberheu, Connor Obertop, Carolyn Osbern, Austin Patrick, Joseph Perkins, Madison Plouvier, Logan Robertson, Morgan Roenigk, Brittany Rouse, Robert Satterwhite, Daniella Santos, Dylan Schoenfeldt, Kiana Schulze, Katlyn Seyb, Denise Skinner, Miranda Snyder, Carlie Stenzel, Nathan Sterns, Marta Stetsiv, Catherine Strayhall, Erin Sullivan, Christian Swearingen, Nathan Tolle, Riley Toombs, Madison Tucker, Leilani Velasco, Emma Ware, Haley Waters, Maridee Weber, Carleigh Whitman, Jackson Wicker, Kylie Wilcox, Mallory Wilhite, Ebony Williams, Graham Wilson, Alexandria Wodtke, Graham Wood, Abigail Zimmerman, Molly Zych 

Spring Hill: Lynsey Akin, Jackson Alex, Zachary Bergquist, Meagan Crooks, Jamie Hoffman, Ian Holman, Krista Long, Kaylynn Smith, Wyatt Vandepol 

Stilwell: Alexus Andrews, Jackson Balcom, Alec Butenas, William Carter, Grace Davis, Colton Donahue, Joseph Gorthy, Adam Houghton, Madison Jewett, Sarah Lewis, Jackelyn Meganck, Madison Newell, Megan Richards, Corinne Rolfs, Blake Sanders, Cody Schlitzer, Abigail St Clair, Christopher Walker, Randall Willnauer, Matthew Zimmerman 

Westwood:Nathaniel Cameron, Jack Carter, Kailey Morash


Kearny County

Deerfield: Ashley Knoll 

Lakin: Kenia Chavez


Kingman County

Kingman: Jonathan Gooden, Abigail Harbert, Kevin Meng, Nick Meng 

Murdock: Brent Hess, Adam Kostner 

Nashville:Layne Liebst


Kiowa County

Greensburg: Katelynn Gamble, Riann Heft


Labette County

Bartlett: Joshua Mathes 

Parsons:Klayton Beasley, Payton Hays


Lane County

Dighton: Regan Foos, Ryan Kuhlman 

Healy: Wyle Yeager


Leavenworth County

Basehor: Jonathan Anschutz, Kennedy Bowers, Emily Dye, Tanner Garver, Nicholas Genz, Allison Heinen, Clayton Kaminski, Megan Van Fleet 

Bonner Springs: Jordan Eriksen, Kellie Goss, Cameron Kennedy 

Easton: Reagan Wood 

Lansing: Madison Bosworth, Virginia Brown, Morgan Grote, Cole Hoing, Jay Kidder, Emily Laurence, Emily Nine, Rebecca Pippin, Sarah Pride, Margaret Szmed, Justin Varney 

Leavenworth: Michael Adame, Tara Bolewski, Kelsi Briggs, Isaak Giefer, Robert Grosdidier, Kelsey Hoines, Emily Millar, Alexandria Mustain, Mary Catherine Perry, Anna Salvatorelli, Garret Seeger, Montezia Shakespear, Matthew Vail, Theresa Vail, Christina Wiley 

Linwood: Halston Field, Kennedy Morey 

Tonganoxie:Celeste Bartels, Sophia Breedlove, Zachary Callaghan, Rachel Gumm, Kaitlin Hall, Mallory Harrell, Joshua Lingo, Taylar Morgan, Mackenzie Price, Grace Reilly, Dylan Staatz, Katelyn Waldeier, Natalie Wolf, Nicole Zerrer


Lincoln County

Lincoln: Jerod Obermueller, Ashley Wollesen


Linn County

La Cygne: Chiann Carothers 

Linn Valley: Jacob Victor 

Mound City: Austin Earl, Allison Wakefield 

Logan County

Oakley: Cody Faulkender, Kenzie Hemmert, Hannah Moorhous, Andrew Robben 

Winona: Ryan Gfeller


Lyon County

Allen: Shayli Gentry 

Americus: Brittney Houck 

Emporia: Mary Abounabhan, Brady Brooks, Aubrey Davis, Haley Harrison, Daley Keister, Nicholas Kirmer, Nollan Kirmer, Cameron Koenigs, Mazie Kolterman, Malik Livingston, Sarah Moyer, Jesse Murray, Nicholas Nelson, Madisen Reeves, Tiffany Standerwick, Peter Stuchlik, Seth Tilton, Harold Vilander, Zachary White, Gavin Youngberg 

Hartford: Brianna Zweimiller 

Olpe:Madelyn Madrigal, Grant Pimple


Marion County

Florence: Caitlyn Maloney 

Hillsboro: Jakob Hanschu, Kennedy Klein, Allison Troyer 

Lincolnville: Carrie Carlson, Brenna Shields, Kristin Vinduska 

Marion: Justin Bina, James Corona, Jenevieve Corona, Megan Davies, Kathryn Ehrlich, James Jones, Aaron Molleker, Bailey Robson, Zachary Robson, Amanda Stuchlik 

Ramona: Makenzie Deines 

Tampa: Morganne Hamm, Elizabeth Meyer, Nicholas Meyer


Marshall County

Axtell: Ashley Buessing, Bethany Porting, Tricia Schmitz 

Blue Rapids: Cole Maddox, Charles Musil, Megan Wanamaker, Jarrett Whitson 

Frankfort: Ashley Joseph, Maura Kennedy, Adam Koch, Alexander Roeder, Benjamin Studer, Jacob Studer 

Marysville: Gustavo Arana, Le'La Chaudhry, Chloe Cudney, Kylee Fink, Coleman Forst, Emily Hogan, Kaleb Koerperich, Joseph McNish, Dani Schwarz, Madison Williams 

Summerfield: Jared Heiman 

Waterville: Lesley Frohberg 


McPherson County

Canton: Austin Bullinger, Kaden Littrell 

Galva: Eli Janzen, Benjamin Young 

Gypsum: Aaron Henne 

Inman: Jordan Achilles, Blake Druecker, Jared Enns, Justin Friesen, Daniel Isom, Joshua Miller, Krystan Miller 

Lindsborg: Clayton Couchman, Cole Norberg, Nils Peterson, Matthew Ruppert 

Marquette: Devon Ronsse 

McPherson: Molly Black, Riley Burghart, Kristan Crawford, Brooke Gaeddert, Katherine Geist, Janaye Hanschu, James Houghton, Aaron Mason, Michael McKinney, Nolan Milleson, John Nachtigall, Eric O'Reilly, Raquel Otero, Abby Pedersen, Brett Sitts, Mackenzie Suderman, Amanda Wilde, Katherine Wurm 

Moundridge: Cade Graber, Erin Miller, Allison Rice, Cody Seiler 

Windom: Emily Smyres, Trevor Smyres


Meade County

Fowler: Asa Lee 

Meade: Garrett Blehm, Cooper Clawson, Jacqueline Clawson, Bobbi Crain, Lauren Dewell, Blake Reimer


Miami County

Louisburg: Bailey Aiken, Sarah Albert, Alexandra Aye, Jessica Brummel, Brandi Feehan, Samantha Hofmeister, David Martin, Connor Philgreen, Jessica Reno, Tyler Reno, Makenzie Richardson, Rachel Wittry 

Osawatomie: Shelby Cooke, Delaney Madden, Madison Maley 

Paola: Whitney Alexander, Katelyn Bell, Tera Brandt, Ashley Ebeck, Dallas Gardner, Patrick Kennedy, Allison Ozier, Audrey Reynolds, Justin Salisbury, Caylin Smith, Rebecca Wright 

Spring Hill: Rebekah Anderson, Mary Crooks, Tessa Davids, Mackenzie Getz, Collin Graves, Rachel Letellier, Michael Stumpff, Parker Yust


Mitchell County

Beloit: Megan Bates, Evan Brandt, Connor Eilert, Margaret Eilert, Ashley Ellenz, Tori Farwell, Erin Kelley, Bryce Nichols, Hunter Post, Jenna Roberts, Jordan Walter 

Glen Elder: Sierra Senger, Audrey Shamburg


Montgomery County

Caney: Ashlyn Hefley, Braden Heid, Abigail Newton, Dane Rigby 

Cherryvale: Jordan Carinder 

Coffeyville: Lindsay Base 

Havana: Derek Bayless 

Independence: Dominic Barker


Morris County

Council Grove: Amber Bacon, Brier Fox, Jodi Jensen, Emily May, Jessica Maxwell, Christopher Siegle, Jay Troxell, Casey Ziegenhirt 

Herington: James Mulderrig



Richfield: Jessica Johns


Nemaha County

Baileyville: Nicole Haug, Jenna Haverkamp, Ethan Koch, Dustin Rottinghaus, Bailey Schmitz, Erin Schmitz 

Bern: Isaac Meyer, Micah Meyer 

Centralia: Blair Burdiek, Brett Burdiek, Matthew Haufler, Michelle Kohake 

Corning: Peyton Bowers, Kaci McNally, Sarah Wolfe 

Goff: Keri Pfrang 

Sabetha: Tyler Edelman, Jacob Frey, Samuel Hughes, Nolan Keim, Robert Nagely, Sarah Plum, Kelli Stallbaumer, Caleb Strahm, Joshua Strahm, Michaela Strahm, Ryan Strahm, Anna Sunderland 

Seneca: Janie Bramhall, Briena Duryea, Abigail Enneking, Cameron Haug, Karla Henry, Caitlyn Kohake, Abbey Kramer, Ashley Kramer, Addie Mayberry, Carrie Miller, Ross Niehues, Lisa Olberding, Zachary Rottinghaus, Laura Sudbeck, Nicole Sudbeck, Blake Uphaus, Naomi Wiegand 

Wetmore:Alayna Noe, Jena Winkler


Neosho County

Chanute: Regan Aylward, Shelbi Emling, Bailey Herzberg, Isaac Klugh, Karter Krokstrom, Talia Ramsey, Benjamin Stich, Molly Ward 

Erie: Caden Kendall, Trenton Moore, Jordyn Tuck 

Galesburg: Matthew Brungardt 

St. Paul: Regan Albertini 

Thayer: Trenton Smedley


Ness County

Arnold: Braden Mishler 

Bazine: Jessica Stieben 

Ness City: Taylor Gabel


Norton County

Norton: Clayton Esslinger, Cody O'Hare, Andrew Schrum


Osage County

Burlingame: Jordan Herrick, Clay Thomas 

Lyndon: Cale Spencer 

Melvern: Kaden Vanderpool 

Osage City: Tristan Carlson 

Overbrook: Caleb Fleming, Jacob Friesen 

Vassar: Ashley Coffman


Osborne County

Alton: Seth Johnson, Eileen Mick


Ottawa County

Minneapolis: Colton Baker, Bretney Belvill, Jayce Hovis 

Solomon: Catelynne LePage 

Tescott: Larissa Liggett, Shaelyn Martin


Pawnee County

Larned: Tara Bunker, Makenzie Harper, Michael Tiede


Phillips County

Kirwin: Darah Portenier 

Logan: Zackary Sammons, Kodi Van Laeys 

Long Island: Shayna Vincent 

Phillipsburg: Tanner Aherin, Suzanne Huntley, Riley Juenemann, Kinze Reimer, Samuel Sage


Pottawatomie County

Emmett: Matthew Hoffman 

Havensville: Adam Gudenkauf, Morgan Manuel 

Manhattan: Austin Becker, Joshua Berry, Taylor Good, Levi Jones, Anna Keeley, Jack Keeley, Marisa Lang, Shelby Lolley, Nina Marchell, Ana Maysonet-Perez, Andrea Miller, Brookelynn Minihan, Christina Navrat, Melina Nistico, Peter Oppelt, John Rogers, Taylor Schalles, Daniel Schumm, Martha Schumm, Elaine Snowden, Elena White 

Olsburg: Kyle Apley, Molly Ridder 

Onaga: Branson Kocher, Keyanna Kocher, Jocelyn Marten, Emily Roggenkamp, Allison Walker, Bethany Zidek 

St. George: Benjamin Berard, Lauren Conrow, Joseph Dillon, Lane Forge, Paul Glover, Wesley Howe, Austin Liming, Mariah Matthews, Michaela Matthews, Ashlyn Shultz, McKenzy Umscheid, Christine Warren 

St. Marys: Allison Aubert, Pauline Dredger, Danielle Haynos, Travis Lueger, Bernadette Maddeford, Samantha O'Shea, Anna Paczuska, Frederic Peters, Victor Ramos Aguirre, John Stewart, Luke Waliser, Michael Williams 

Wamego: Rikki Alderson, Dakota Bartell, Ryan Bates, Bradley Bice, Rebecca Biswell, Abigail Condrey, Jordan Disberger, Kiel Ditto, Melissa Ginavan, Caroline Goodson, Ashlyn Helus, Kasey Holle, Katelyn Hollenbeck, Amanda Hurtig, Ann-Marie Kennedy, Courtney Kipp, Ally Lonker, Madison Mackeprang, Jacob Moldrup, Ryan Mullins, Aaron Pachta, Bailey Sanderson, Amanda Scheideman, Trey Schmidt, Michaela Sievers, Dane Stewart, Gabrielle Vontz, Victoria Vontz, Matthew Webb, Alex White, Austin Winter, Elise Wolf 

Westmoreland: Shannon Caffrey, Justin Moser, Lillian Schmitz 

Wheaton: Adam Kufahl


Pratt County

Iuka: Allicia Hall, Madison Moore 

Pratt: Austin Black, Katie Buhler, Taylor DeWeese, Colin Hitz, Cassidy Hullman, Liam Kahmeyer, Derek Mahoney


Rawlins County

Atwood: Keshia Green, Lexy Leitner, Diahonia Olson, Isabella Skolout 

McDonald: Shayla Hubbard, Reece Leonard, Kenan Reeh


Reno County

Abbyville: Dalton Dunn 

Buhler: Britton Brownrigg, Samantha Estabrook, Alex Hiebert, Bailey Peterson, Colton Regier, Elliot Schrag, Abigail Webb 

Haven: Mary Fishburn 

Hutchinson: Brooks Armstrong, Eric Banning, Sharaya Bearman, Shannon Bellamy, Aubrey Berning, Luke Berning, Kyler Blank, Kaley Bohlen, Lauren Bretz, Logan Caywood, Alexis Cherry, Sydney Childs, Taylor Crawford, Kristen Cruz, Kaley Dick, Taylor Engel, Dillon Engelland, Lauren Ewing, Joy Fesen, Thomas Fink, Chad Gobber, Jacob Grinstead, Sarah Hansen, Jacob Hardenburger, Joseph Hewitt, Tanner Higgins, Abigail Huck, Logan Hughes, Sydni Huxman, Angela Johnson, Taylor Johnson, Sadie Jones, Mackenzie Justice, Zane Keller, Kaitlin Kirby, Joshua Marshall, Brendan Martens, Kelly McDonald, Brady McFadden, Kayla Mesh, Jake Mullins, Kaylee Nelson, Ashley Neufeld, Emily Neufeld, Kayla Paulson, Quentin Pease, Mary Reilly, Connor Ridder, Steven Robinson, Stacy Rottinghaus, Kelli Schrag, Hanna Schreiber, Kylie Schultz, Kaytlyn Schwartz, Karissa Severud, Shelby Shearon, Zach Simpson, Garrett Smith, Madison Smith, Emily Van Dyke, Joseph Vieyra, Katelyn Voorhees, Emily Wessel, Tanner Wiens, Savannah Winkler 

Langdon: Loren Nisly 

Partridge: Erik Burling 

Pretty Prairie: Clayton Keeler, Tanner Ray 

South Hutchinson: Natalie Davis 

Turon: Josie Zink


Republic County

Belleville: Joni Sheets 

Courtland: Brooke Jensen 

Cuba: Jeffrey Hadachek, Tyler Popelka 

Republic: Brianne Little 

Scandia: Addison Howley, Austin Swanson


Rice County

Alden: Karly Frederick 

Little River: Colin January, Kyler Farmer, Tanner Hodgson 

Lyons: Shynia Peterman, Evan Shanelec, Jessica Winford 

Sterling: Jared Cullop, Cami Roth


Riley County

Fort Riley: Iulia Osipova, Ronnie Wilcox 

Leonardville: Amanda Causey, Haley Lindell, Katherine Sundgren 

Manhattan: Alexis Altamirano, Eli Anderson, Jackson Andre, Brooks Armstrong, Jesse Armstrong, Tory Bach, Emily Bailey, Levi Bailey, Nathan Bailey, Eric Banning, Clint Barb, Jordan Barmby, Scott Barnow, Brogan Barry, Susan Bass, Grant Baublitz, Zachary Beach, Nickolas Bedford, Rita Bedros, Filip Belsky, Zachary Bergquist, Hunter Berndt, Alexis Bieker, Jacob Biller, Matthew Blais, Gabriella Boeger, Melissa Bohn, Renae Boileau, Madison Boller, Jarrod Booth, Keona Borroum, Kate Bowen, Kelly Brackett, Anna Brokesh, Corey Broughman, Emily Brummett, Annemarie Bucholtz, Mark Buckwalter, Brett Burdiek, Catherine Caffera, Drew Casper, Kyle Chamberland, Caitlin Charbonneau, Lindsay Chassay, Grant Christiansen, Albert Cochrane, Katherine Colburn, Ashley Coleman, Ethan Copple, Jonathan Cormier, Gregory Cotter, Jessica Cotter, Jose Covarrubias, Mckenzie Cox, Miriam Cox, Kelsey Crawford, Nicola Cyr, Mackenzie Dahl, Kaitlyn Demuth, Emmalee Devane, Allison Devlin, Joseph Dillon, Kayla DiTacchio, Mitchell Dixon, Melissa Donlon, Katelyn Dugan, Brandon Dunn, Anna Eaves, Tyler Eaves, Jennifer Edgar, Dara El-Shaarawi, Ryan Emmitt, Cassie Enright, Emily Eppler, Reid Erdwien, Adam Ernst, Jasmine Fabre, Ethan Fabrizius, East Fang, Sarah Featherstone, Kennedy Felice, Chad Fiser, Molly Fiser, Rachel Foss, Piper Fowler, Amanda Frakes, Andrew Franks, Jordan Freeman, Tichinia Gadia, Emma Galitzer, Alejandro Garcia, Kelly Gay, Suzanna Gevock, Alexandra Gilliam, Justin Gittle, Jonathan Gooden, Caroline Goodson, Dalton Graber, Eric Gray, Samantha Grieger, Mackenzie Gwinner, Lindsey Hageman, Matthew Hale, Jenna Haverkamp, Rachel Hayes, Evan Heger, Scott Heise, Paul Hensley, Grant Herpich, Megan Herpich, Tayler Herzberg, Timmon Herzberg, Courtney Hess, Shelby Heydon, Tracie Higgins, Taylor Hofeling, Brooke Hogan, Andrew Horn, Claire Huber, Dalton Huey, Traci Humphrey, Katherine Hwang, Daniel Ijigbamigbe, Emma Irvine, Christian Johansen, Caleb Jones, Nasser Juma, Ryan Kabriel, Justice Kalin, Clayton Keeler, Lauren Kennedy, Melissa Kincaid, Courtney Kipp, Brady Kiracofe, Lauren Knox, Branson Kocher, Gary Kohlasch, Kailey Koopman, Tierra Krause, Amanda Krieg, Matthew Kundert, Candice Lane, Tina Langley, Jacob Larson, Ashlee Lattner, Tyler Lee, Samuel Liggett, Alaine Lignitz, Amanda Cecilie Limseth, Heather Lipps, Andrew Llewelyn, Olivia Lowe, Kayla Maghirang, Matalyn Mahan, Eleanor Mankin, Abbey Marcotte, Lilly Marshall, David Martin, Athen Martinez, Shawn Massey, Jessica Maxwell, Annastacia Maynard, Pierson McAtee, Melanie McCarty, Parker McCoy, Ethan McNeill, Kristen Mcpherson, Jamie Melendez, Patricia Melton, Nick Meng, Aaron Messerla, William Michaels, William Michel, Nathan Mignano, Scott Millar, Emma Miller, Angie Mitchell, Blake Moris, Kevin Munoz-Hernandez, Jesse Murray, William Naeger, Breanna Nebel, Erica Nickolett, Justin Nolasco, Makayla Norwood, Ashley Nuzum, Cody O'Hare, Ryan Oberrieder, Ronald Orchard, Caine Pacheco, Anna Paczuska, Kayla Patton, Courtney Payne, Keturah Pence, Bailey Peterson, Connor Philgreen, Lisa Pluff, Derek Pockrandt, Nathan Power, Jacob Priddle, Sarah Pride, Katherine Proctor, Collin Queal, Faith Rahman, Philip Randall, Angela Raposa, Christopher Ratliff, Mary Reilly, Lucas Richards, Christina Richardson, Anne Roberson, Francis Rodrigo, Bianca Rodriguez, Jennica Rogers, Mitzie Rojas, Wilford Rose, Ryan Salliotte, Vernon Samek, Zackary Sammons, Mayra Sanchez Lujan, Sharice Sanders, Christopher Sandquist, Sriramana Sankar, Caroline Santana, Melanie Santiago, Josiah Satzler, Julia Satzler, Amanda Scheideman, Emma Schinstock, Paige Schoonveld, Elliot Schrag, Danielle Schwartz, Allison Sears, Corbin Sedlacek, Garret Seeger, Brian Seemann, David Shafer, Elizabeth Shafer, Alexis Sherwood, Kayla Shore, Chloe Shriber, Christopher Siegle, Hannah Silva, Richard Simental, Madeleine Singleton, Alyssa Smith, Carly Smith, Christopher Smith, Garrett Smith, Jessica Smith, Madison Smith, Shayne Smith, Summer Smith, William Smith, Caleb Snider, Mary Snyder, Miranda Snyder, Luke Stegeman, Jordyn Stephens, Darien Stokes, Kelli Strader, Raegan Terrill, Daniel Theisen, Benjamin Thomas, Amber Thompson, Carly Tracz, Levi Tucker, Daniella Ugalde, Grant Urban, Matthew Vail, Theresa Vail, Shawna Vakadewatabua, Vaithish Velazhahan, Joseph Vieyra, Erik Vizcaino, Vu Vo, Dan Wagner, Brennan Walter, Megan Wanamaker, Dana Weaver, Abigail Webb, Caitlyn Webb, James Webb, Jonah Webber, Keith Weber, Kent Wells, Blake Wewer, Christopher White, Christina Wilkinson, Ebony Williams, Lauren Wilson, Sharon Wilson, Safiya Woodard, Mark Woolard, Christopher Zachary, Casey Ziegenhirt, Rachel Zimmerman, Klara Zurek 

Ogden: Garrett Prall, Renee Wilkins-Clark 

Riley:Abigail Collins, Danielle Crowell, Jennifer Hardy, Kyndall Norris, Michaella Wahl, Kayla Wilkinson


Rooks County

Palco: Dene Dryden 

Plainville: Cynthia Bressler, Allison Sears 

Stockton: Paige Kriley, Hannah Lindsey, Donald Riffel, Miranda Wildeman


Rush County

Bison: Brandon Pechanec 

La Crosse: Rachael Gros, Alyssa Oborny 

Timken: Kwinter Hartshorn


Russell County

Gorham: Joseph Dortland 

Russell: Wyatt Boomhower, Gage Nichols, Alexandra Ptacek, Kyle Rourke, Janna Schulte, Jill Schulte


Saline County

Assaria: Kourtney Kincaid, Brett Nurnberg, Andrew Peuchen 

Brookville: Zachary O'Shea, William Son 

Gypsum: Taylor Green 

Salina: Shaylee Arpin, Audrey Augustine, Dan Balaun, Joshua Bergkamp, Kayden Besher, Zackery Bieberly, William Bochte, Charles Bockhorn, Brendan Borcherding, Kortney Borcherding, Broden Bowell, Nicholas Boyer, Noah Bradley, Josh Brown, Jacob Bulleigh, Quinton Burger, Dakota Came, Madison Carlgren, Makenzi Carlgren, Kailee Carter, Hannah Caswell, Jonathan Coleman, Valeria Collazo, Trey Cullins, Sydney Dauer, Brittany Davis, Sierra Davis-Yianakopulos, Mitch Domina, Bailey Driver, Amy Dundas, Alexandria Elmore, Regan Forrester, Michelle Franco, Courtney Frost, Marcy Gagna, Andrea Garcia, Olivia Giroux, Aaron Goodnight, Tevin Grace, Richard Grumbianin, Matthew Haugh, Morgan Hauserman, Tyler Henry, Lara Hoss, Corbin Hotz, Kyle House, Spencer Ingermanson, Westley Jennings, Aaron Jensen, Amanda Jones, Pallie Koehn, Kelci Krier, Christian Leyh, Stephen Loader, Austin Magette, Josey Mallory, Jacob Matney, Justin McCartney, Brooklyn Mcelderry, Khristopher Miller, Aidan Murray, Tate Neill, Gina Nelson-Fishel, Justin Noggle, Hali Norris, Jason Nowak, Brandon Rapp, Lucas Renz, Nicholas Rice, Catelyn Richards, Spencer Roberts, Tanner Robl, Mary Rodriguez, Christopher Sandquist, Ashley Sankey, Hannah Savage, Justin Schmutz, Gilbert Schuessler, Hannah Schulte, Jackson Shetlar, Megan Stein, Caitlyn Sterrett, Ben Stutterheim, Henry Sydow, Tracie Thibault, Emma Unsderfer, Gerit Wagner, Justin Walker, Joshua Walters, Jordan Weems, Thomas Williams, Ethan Zajac


Scott County

Scott City: Aubrey Davis, Macy Davis, Luke Minnix, Addison Price


Sedgwick County

Andale: Benjamin Albert, Angela Baalmann, Meagan Champion, Rachel Hein, Logan Horsch, Caleb Jones, Zachary Marcolesco, Aaron Meyer, Ethan Meyer, Joseph Neville, Victoria Orth, Rachel Schwindt, Katlyn Smith 

Bel Aire: Matthew Brooks, Laura Farkas, Joel Findley, Austen Henry, Andrew Kempf, Jordan Lund, Hudson Parris, Paige Posson 

Cheney: Peter Bergkamp, Micah Dehning, Brooklyn Lonker, Chase McCormick, Samantha Montgomery, Avery Nichols, Casey Veith, Taylor Wheelock, Moriah Wood, Sarah Zerger 

Scott City: Aubrey Davis, Macy Davis, Luke Minnix, Addison Price


Sedgwick County

Andale: Benjamin Albert, Angela Baalmann, Meagan Champion, Rachel Hein, Logan Horsch, Caleb Jones, Zachary Marcolesco, Aaron Meyer, Ethan Meyer, Joseph Neville, Victoria Orth, Rachel Schwindt, Katlyn Smith 

Bel Aire: Matthew Brooks, Laura Farkas, Joel Findley, Austen Henry, Andrew Kempf, Jordan Lund, Hudson Parris, Paige Posson 

Cheney: Peter Bergkamp, Micah Dehning, Brooklyn Lonker, Chase McCormick, Samantha Montgomery, Avery Nichols, Casey Veith, Taylor Wheelock, Moriah Wood, Sarah Zerger 

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