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Tiffany Glass

Tiffany Glass by Art Nouveau artist and master in glass Louis Comfort Tiffany (1848-1933)

Like Rene lalique Tiffany is another of the art nouveau periods great designers. He designed using both glass and jewellery and is perhaps best known for his Tiffany lamps and smaller glass objects

However Tiffany’s most stunning glass work was on a much grander scale.

He became interested in glass making from about 1875 and worked at several glasshouses in Brooklyn between then and 1878.

Tiffany - Louis Comfort

In 1879 he joined with Samuel Colman and Lockwood de Forest to form ‘Louis Comfort Tiffany and Associated American Artists’.

Tiffany’s leadership and talent, as well as his father’s money and connections, meant his business thrived.

His desire to concentrate on art glass led to the breakup of the firm in 1885, when Tiffany chose to establish his own glass making firm later that year.

The first Tiffany Glass Company was incorporated on December 1st 1885, and in 1900 became known as the Tiffany Studios.

Tiffany - jack in the pulpit vase

Tiffany used opalescent glass in a variety of colours and textures to create a unique style of stained glass. This can be contrasted with the method of painting in glass paint or enamels on colourless glass that had been the dominant method of creating stained glass for several hundred years in Europe.

Use of the coloured glass itself to create stained glass pictures was motivated by the ideals of the Arts and Crafts movement and its leader William Morris in England.

Fellow artist and glass maker John La Farge was Tiffany’s chief competitor in this new American style of stained glass.

Both La Farge and Tiffany had learned their craft at the same glasshouses in Brooklyn in the late 1870’s.

In 1893 Tiffany built a new factory called the Tiffany Glass Furnaces, which was located in Corona, Queens, New York.

In 1893 his company also introduced the term, Favrile, in conjunction with the first production of blown glass at his new factory and some early examples of his lamps were exhibited in the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago.

History of The Tiffany Studios

Louis Comfort Tiffany stained glass lamp

Tiffany has long been associated with exquisitely beautiful and exquisitely crafted objects and Tiffany pieces produced at the turn of the last century can be very expensive.

The Worlds press routinely feature reports of Tiffany glass lamps and iridescent vases selling at auction for tens, and sometimes hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Antique Tiffany pieces are popular and therefore expensive, because they are distinctive, innovative and skilfully crafted.

The complex designs and quality of workmanship obvious in the glass and metalware that originate in the creativity and dedication of one man: Louis Comfort Tiffany (1848-1933).

In 1997, Christies auction house sold a tiffany Lotus lamp, formed from a delicate arrangement of stained glass, for a record-breaking £1.5 million. However, it is still possible to find more affordable objects produced by the company.

As the son of Charles Louis Tiffany, the founder of the successful multi-million dollar Tiffany & Co. jewellery business, Louis Comfort Tiffany was originally expected to oversee the family firm.

Instead he chose to make his own unique mark on the world by following his passion for the creative arts and employing the good business sense he inherited from his father.

louis comfort tiffany floriform glass

After studying as a painter, Tiffany established a successful interior design company, Louis C. Tiffany & Associated Artists and from the mid-1870s, the company was very much in demand by wealthy society members with both Mark Twain and the White House featuring on the Tiffany client list.

While working on his interior designs, Tiffany developed his long held fascination with glass, which he used extensively in his restyled interiors.

As a student, he had studied glass-blowing and started experimenting relentlessly with new techniques.

In 1881 he patented his unique type of iridescent glass, named ‘Favrile’ which is german for handcrafted.

Favrile glass departed from the fashion for decorating pieces with painted designs and instead was sprayed with metallic lustres to create an opalescent and multi-dimensional finish.

Louis Comfort Tiffany floriform vase

In 1885 Tiffany established a new company, which was later named Tiffany Studios, to focus on the development of innovative freeblown glass vases which he produced commercially from 1894.

The Art Nouveau style influenced the shape and design of his pieces, but in he maintained the principles of the Arts and Crafts movement and objects were skillfully hand-finished to the highest standard.

His distinctive ‘Jack-in-the Pulpit’ and slender floriform vases are particularly sought after today and prices can range from £500 to tens of thousands of pounds.

Simpler vase shapes were decorated with a huge variety of techniques such as feathering, painting and threading. Some shapes were so complex that they took many months to produce.

Although highly regarded for his glass vases, it is the dazzling and distinctive array of handmade lamps and shades that Tiffany is now most widely known for.

Tiffany stained glass lamp

As a young man in Europe, Tiffany had been struck by the beauty of stained glass church windows and had used decorative windows in his work as an interior designer.

He realised that the tremendous effects of daylight through coloured glass could be recreated in the domestic interior using artificial light and lampshades would be a perfect medium for this work.

The first Tiffany leaded shades included ‘Nautilus’, ‘Dragonfly’ and ‘Wisteria’ and by 1906 he had over 125 different styles on sale.

Generally hemispherical in shape, Tiffany lamp shades were made from tiny fragments of glass held together by lead.

Tiffany Glass - dragonfly lamp c1910

Earlier pieces tended to be simple with geometric designs using only one or two colours.

Then after extensive experimentation Tiffany had over 5,000 colours at his disposal, and he utilised these to reproduced the subtle variety of tones found in nature.

Over time Tiffany lamp decoration became more complex and colourful, featuring flowers, fruit and insects in highly ornate arrangements.

Natural designs that featured irregular shaped borders required the highest level of skill to produce and are highly collectable and extremely valuable today.

With prices ranging between £5,000 for a simple single colour shade to over a million pounds for the most rare and exquisite examples.

Tiffany exhibited at the Exposition Universelle in Paris in 1900

His successes with art glass vases and leaded lamps then lead Tiffany to international acclaim.

Tiffany favrile glass vase

However, Tiffany did not limit himself to the production of glass; he excelled in designing silver, jewellery and bronze objects.

Among these were affordable household items such as lamp bases, desk accessories and clocks.

Some of these items were retailed through Tiffany & Co., which he presided over after the death of his father in 1902.

Tiffany’s metal pieces can be more affordable than much of his glassware and allow collectors on tighter budgets to own a sample of the great designers work.

A patterned bronze ashtray might cost around £200-300, while enamelled gilt-bronze bookends can fetch in the region of £1,000-2,000.

Although, prices can rise to tens of thousands for more unusual items, such as a bronze inkwell with turtleback panels.

Most metalware is marked “Tiffany Studios, New York”, but as with tiffany glass, there are a great many fakes on the market.

After many years of success, Tiffany Studios closed in 1932.

Tiffany & Co. are still in business and continue to produce high quality silver, jewellery and glass today.

Collecting tiffany Glass … If you’re looking to add to your Tiffany glass collection, why not have a look through our Tiffany Glass for Sale section.

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Baby Boy 03.25.13

Glamorous “Breakfast with Tiffany” Baby Shower

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Breakfast at Tiffany's inspired baby shower

If you have a gorgeous mommy-to-be named Tiffany… you are obligated to throw her a glitzy and glamorous “Breakfast with Tiffany” Baby Shower! ;) Jen Carver of Banner Events flawlessly styled this chic brunch with pops of silver, exquisite desserts, and gorgeous printables by Anders Ruff!

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

  • Tiffany’s jewelry box cake + baby bottle, flower & carriage cupcake toppers
  • Onesie sugar cookies, 3D printables baby carriages & “Sweet Baby” drink station
  • Embroidered vest onesies and baby bow ties
  • Addorted muffins, pancakes, bagels + cream cheese & yogurt parfaits
  • Decorated diaper cake and pearl embellished entry wreath

Bagels and cream cheese

Baby shower diaper wish tags

Breakfast at Tiffany's inspired desserts

Baby shower brunch ideas

Breakfast at Tiffany's baby shower invitation

Black and aqua baby shower decorations

Blue baby onesie sugar cookies

Brunch buffet ideas

Baby shower brunch with pancakes and french toast sticks

Mini yogurt parfaits

Breakfast at Tiffanys inspired brunch

Blue printable paper pram carriage

Breakfast at Tiffany's inspired baby shower cupcakes

Tiffany's box cake

Baby shower drink station

black and aqua diaper cake

vest and tie baby onesies

breakfast at tiffany's baby shower theme

Tiffany's box inspired baby shower favors


PARTY DETAILS, as told by Jen Carver…

When you have a gorgeous & glamorous friend named Tiffany who just so happens to be expecting a baby boy, hosting a Breakfast at Tiffany’s Baby Shower is a no-brainer. (This theme is so versatile! Think: bridal shower, baby shower, birthday and more! Substitute any special mom or bride-to-be’s name for equally as much fun!)

Inspired by the 1961 film, starring the beautiful Audrey Hepburn, my friend Vivian and I wanted to create a pretty breakfast setting with pops of glitz and glamour. We recruited some of the best in the graphic design, event planning, baking, clothing & accessory businesses to help us with this special celebration. (Be sure to check out the amazing vendor list below to recreate our look!) A big “thank you” to our talented friend, Rochelle Pettingill for capturing the fun of the day with her photography.

Guests received gorgeous invitations designed by Maureen of Anders Ruff Custom Designs inviting them to come join us for “Breakfast with Tiffany.” I love the vintage pram-style baby buggy logo used throughout the designs. Because our guest of honor requested a diaper shower, Maureen created a darling enclosure card (in lieu of baby registry info) with a little poem inviting guests to help Tiffany stock her diaper & wipe supply. The invitation suite, including the custom address wrap were so classy with the Moroccan design, decorative frame, flourishes & formal script.

Guests were greeted with this beautiful vinyl “Breakfast at Tiffany’s sign when they entered (Ten23 Designs).  This was such a fun detail to set the stage for a themed event. Breakfast was served from a buffet counter, covered in coordinating tablecloths and accented with a lovely tissue fringe garland (One Stylish Party) & fresh flower ranunculas arrangements. We added some fun special touches, such as vinyl baby buggy accents on the vases and utensil holders. Some of my favorite details were the napkins wrapped in gorgeous ribbon with little silver carriage charms. A yummy white chocolate baby pop accompanied each one! (Something Chic did an amazing job on those details!)

A variety of beverage options were available from our beverage station. One of my favorite DIY ideas from this event was the circle garland we created by punching out several circle sizes from coordinating cardstock and stitching them together with a sewing machine. It added some bling and interest to the large sliding glass window overlooking a very cloudy day. Notice the cute printable bunting? It’s part of the coordinating printable package from Anders Ruff.

Apothecary jars were dressed up with rhinestone studded ribbon & party printables and filled with coordinating shimmer gumballs from SmashCake Studio. (Gumballs are a great way to tie in party colors & can also serve as a take home favor.) Along with another darling printable banner and perfect little blue satin bow wrapped boxes, the mantle was decorated with the most adorable baby buggy favors custom made by Piggy Bank Parties. (We filled these with coordinating wrapped mini chocolate bars for guests to take home.) The focal point of our mantle was a custom designed platter with vinyl lettering & coordinating baby buggy (Creative Designs by Toni ).

Throughout the event space, we carried the diaper shower concept. A diaper shaped bunting hung from a sofa table. A beautiful 3-tiered custom diaper cake was the centerpiece at the welcome table. A custom crafted diaper bag, designed by SookEe Designs was filled with beautiful newborn essentials and accessories from the talented vendors  Mainely Applique, A Piece of Crochet, & Baybloom. From minkie blankets, to appliqued onesies and burp cloths to a tie/bow tie combo and a hand crocheted diaper cover & bow tie.

Our decor even carried over to the guest of honor’s children. Custom hair accessories were made for the beautiful daughters of the expectant mother by Giddy Up & Grow. It was fun to have a few photos taken of our sweet friend and her daughters. Doesn’t the confetti balloon and tassel garland add such an element of fun to their photo?

With a guest list of over 60, our greatest challenge with this event was coming up with a breakfast menu that was A.) palate pleasing B.) affordable and C.) manageable. After all, we wanted to be able to ‘enjoy’ breakfast with Tiffany too. I think you will find our menu fit these perameters nicely.


  • Petite pancake stacks: with mint leaf & blueberry garnish & syrup drizzle accessorized with printable party flags from Anders Ruff’s collection & pearl accents– –French toast sticks with syrup sauce served in petite glasses accented with printable 1″ monogram circle accents
  • Bacon skewers (kept warm in a chafing dish)
  • Sausage links (kept warm in a chafing dish)
  • Mini Quiche served in tasting spoons
  • Fresh fruit cups served in accessorized individual portion cups. Aren’t the scallop labels cute? You can find them in Anders Ruff’s printable package.
  • Mini Yogurt granola parfaits served in dessert parfait glasses & embellished with ribbon & 1″ circle monograms from AR’s printable package
  • Homemade muffins (banana, blueberry and cinnamon) served in polka dot muffin cups
  • Cinnamon Roll ‘Rattles’ (created with Glitterstix from Desserts & Designs).
  • Powdered sugar donut towers (an easy but impressive DIY project)
  • Beverages included: 1% milk, orange juice, apple juice, white grape juice and mango juice. Beverage glasses were dressed up with coordinating labels with fun striped straws accented by blinged out party flags.

If you want to excite guests, be sure to have a take away dessert table. Because our shower was an open house style brunch, we wanted a beautiful display of desserts that guests could nibble on during the shower, but could also take to go. We created the beautiful background using our DIY PVC pipe backdrop stand (see tutorial here) and some inexpensive curtain panels from IKEA. An old picture frame received a makeover with a coat of silver spray paint and was a perfect focal point for our 16 x20 welcome sign (printed for a few dollars at Office Depot). Most of the decor and serving trays were gathered from things I had on hand. The tiered stands were an inexpensive DIY project using 3 different sizes of centerpiece mirrors from Wholesale Event Solutions. I simply attached the mirrors to glass candlesticks from the Dollar Tree. They were so easy to put together and worked perfectly to hold beautiful custom desserts made by Cakealicious by Reem, Evie and Mallow, Fondant Flinger & Edible Details. Another tiered stand held shiny silver chargers from Wholesale Event Solutions, filled with additional sweet treats from Flour Child and others previously mentioned. Notice the exquisite blossom & petite cups that the meringues, truffles and cake balls were displayed in (Via Blossom). Silver trays were home to beautiful baby onesie cookies baked and decorated by Flour Child. And of course, the beautiful cake by 4 Kids Cakes was the main attraction. It was as equally delicious as it was beautiful with delicate sugar flowers and beautiful fondant detailing. The cake was almost entirely edible from top to bottom.

Most of our guests prefer socializing over organized shower games. Our open house style shower allowed plenty of time for eating & gabbing. However, we did want to leave our guest of honor with a fun remembrance of her special day. Guests were invited to leave a sweet message for the mom-to-be and baby on these adorable diaper notes made by Anders Ruff. At the end of the shower, we drew 2 diaper notes to receive a door prize – these darling little black purse manicure sets from Wholesale Event Solutions.

Guests certainly didn’t leave empty handed. Beautiful favor boxes contributed by Val at Greyson Design housed scrumptious cupcakes baked by 4Kids Cakes & embellished with satin ribbon and custom thank you tags. Guests also had the option to fill the adorable baby buggy favor boxes with treats from the dessert table.

Breakfast with Tiffany was enjoyed by all!

Vendor Credit
  • Event Concept & Styling: Jen Carver, Banner Events
  • Assistant Event Stylist: Vivian Kerr, Kerr Kreations
  • Photographer: Rochelle Pettingill
  • Graphic Design Suite & Invitation: Anders Ruff Custom Designs
  • Centerpiece mirrors, little black purse manicure sets, high heel cake server, glass vases, black baroque frames/placecard holders, silver chargers: Wholesale Event Solutions
  • Baby buggy party favor boxes: Piggy Bank Parties
  • Crocheted diaper cover & bow tie: A Piece of Crochet
  • Diaper cake: Simply Shontay Diaper & Towel Cakes
  • Onesie sugar cookies: Flour Child
  • Cake & cupcakes: 4 Kids Cakes
  • Fondant cupcake toppers (gift boxes with bows): Edible Details
  • Fondant cupcake toppers (rattle, baby buggy, bottle): Fondant Flinger
  • Napkins w/ ribbon wraps & carriage charms, white chocolate baby suckers, lidded white oatmeal/fruit cups & wooden spoons: Something Chic
  • Blue cupcake boxes, Custom created door wreath: Greyson Design
  • Decorative platter with vinyl baby buggy logo: Creative Designs by Toni
  • Jumbo confetti balloon & tissue garland: One Stylish Party
  • Custom cupcake wrappers: A Little Lollipop Tree
  • Custom vinyl decor for archway, vases, etc: Ten23 Designs
  • Custom diaper bag, minkie blanket, burp cloths: SookEe Designs
    Polka dot blossom dessert cups, silver petite cups, petite glasses, striped straws: Via Blossom
  • Custom appliqued onesies & burpcloths: Mainely Applique
  • Silver & blue glitterstix: Desserts & Designs
  • Gourmet cake balls: Evie and Mallow
  • Shimmer gumballs (white & blue): SmashCake Studio
  • Custom Tiffany inspired hair bows: Giddy Up & Grow
  • Gourmet desserts (sparkled sugar cookies, coconut macaroons, meringues, cake truffles, clear lollipops, marshmallows: Cakealicious by Reem
  • Custom handmade bow ties & ties: Baybloom
POSTED BY:alyssaHi, I’m Alyssa, and I love seeing all the inspiration on HWTM! Aside for my obvious love of design, parties, and blogging, here are a few random things about me… 1.
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24 responses to “Glamorous “Breakfast with Tiffany” Baby Shower”

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    Glamorous “Breakfast with Tiffany” Baby Shower(via @HWTM_Jenn): Hostess with the Mostess®If you… – #Cake Blogs

  2. @HWTM_Jenn says:

    Creative & Glam “Breakfast with Tiffany” Baby Shower from the talented Banner Events!

  3. @ten23designs says:

    Such an honor to be a part of the feature on Hostess with the Mostess today with Banner Events. I created the…

  4. Mary says:

    Wow! Love all the details, especially that cake :) Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Events North says:

    I absolutely love this baby shower! The theme is amazing and the details that came out are fantastic. I especially love all the mini versions of great dishes.

  6. Niyeda says:

    just beautiful…all of it. perfection

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  8. maureenanders says:

    Jen does such a beautiful job! I adore every single detail. What a lucky mama!

  9. Bellenza Bistro says:

    Fabulous styling! An amazing mix of sweet decorations and stylish presentation — and such a delicious spread of appetizers and desserts.

  10. @FondantFlinger says:

    “Breakfast with Tiffany” baby Shower by @bannerevents with @FondantFlinger Cupcake Toppers on @hwtm via @alyssaberns

  11. Sandra says:

    Sooo cute! I love every detail! Where did you get the tablecloths from to match?

    • Jen Carver says:

      Hi Sandra~ The blue tablecloths were from Target!

  12. blovelyevents says:

    I love everything! What a cute theme and brunch!

  13. Sandra says:

    beautiful. where did you get the dress form?

    • Jennifer Carver says:

      Hi Sandra~ I found the dress form at a local Ross Dress for Less.

  14. Baby shower ideals says:

    the color pattern is wonderful and your food selection is esquite! I really love these pics I’ll pin some of them on pinterest!

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    So lovely! No detail ignored, and that is no surprise coming from Banner Events.

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    Hello, I am planning a bridal shower next month and recently changed the theme to “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. Where can I find the large glass containers you had the OJ and other juices?

  20. Courtney says:

    Are you looking to sell any of your party decor? I love the dress form and have been looking everywhere for one like it! Please let me know as I would be interested in a several things. Thanks!

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