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Singer Tiffany Darwish: Weight Loss and Diet

Tiffany Darwish, 35, who became a teen idol in the ‘80s and who is now a famous singer, has lost 25 pounds. In the following interview with In Touch, Tiffany explains how she lost weight and shares details about her diet.

What has inspired you to go on Fit Club? I was 30 pounds overweight. I noticed when fans would give me pictures to sign, that I was signing over my midsection a lot!

Were you nervous about trying to lose weight on national television? I did Fit Club because I knew that they would push me. You have people watching you and you don’t want to be a failure, so I took it very seriously.

What was your biggest diet struggle? I made a lot of bad choices, like eating after shows or waiting until I was so hungry that I ate too much and rolled out of the chair! I relied a lot on caffeine to pick up my energy and ate Taco Bell because it was affordable and easy.

Did you have any side effects from extreme dieting? Definitely. I shot my metabolism with crazy diets and pills. I lost so much weight going through my divorce [in 1997] that I got down to a size 0.

When I became healthy and gained weight, my breasts didn’t come back to how they were before. That’s why I had a boob job.

When you did Playboy in 2002, how did you feel about your body? I felt great about my body then! I knew when I did Fit Club that people would be thinking, “Oh, she was so hot in 2002, and now look at her.”

What’s your diet secret? I make healthier choices. Today, I got up at 5:30 a.m. and had a banana, a handful of almonds that I keep in my car and then scrambled eggs. Before, I’d have skipped breakfast or gone to McDonald’s.

How did you break your bad eating habits? I have to be honest with myself – if I’m going to have chocolate cake, then tomorrow I’m just going to have to get up and run. It’s that simple. [via]

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