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Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry

Overstock Silver now offers every product on our site to wholesale customers, at unheard of wholesale prices! We have a few top competitors out there, we can not say who they are, but check out they're wholesale terms, and compare them to ours! Perhaps even try a sample order to test the quality of they're wholesale sterling silver jewelry compared to ours. We are confident, that after comparing we will be your new wholesale sterling silver jewelry supplier. We can supply you with the best quality Designer Inspired Jewelry / designer style jewelry, or celebrity inspired jewelry, and designer style jewelry is often what customers refer to when talking about our jewelry.

The same products you see on our retail site are available at wholesale pricing so start shopping now! Questions? 1-800-430-0969

Wholesale Terms

  • 40% off retail prices on our web site - NOT sale prices
  • Minimum initial order is $400
  • Reorder Minimum is $200
  • NO Minimum quantity per style
  • Returns are NOT accepted. Exchanges only within 7 days.
  • Returns, if approved, must include RMA # 10% restocking fee is incurred
  • Standard shipping is always $2.95
  • Wholesale orders ship within 2-3 business day(s)
  • Sales tax will be charged for MARYLAND customers only with-out a TAX ID

We reserve the right to cancel any order that is not wholesale in nature

Only form of payment accepted is credit cards, check, or money order.

To place your first wholesale order gives us a call at 1 (800) 430-0969, or send an email to: You can also always place your order online. Just use checkout promo code: wholesale45 - This code will then take 40% off of your entire order - however please note our system is set up to take 40% off of SALE prices as well. If you order any items on "SALE" you will be re-invoiced upon shipment. The 40% wholesale discount will be subtracted from the RETAIL price. NOT The SALE price.

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Jewel of the Day

Can someone please, please wear this on Sunday? #oscars

Courtesy of Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co. Jean Schlumberger fish bracelet,

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