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Tiffany Inspired - Tiffany Setting Comparison

Tiffany Inspired - Tiffany Setting Comparison
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Luxury Jewelry Brands

By Erika W.

Engagement Rings Inspired by the Tiffany Setting

Wondering which Tiffany style solitaire to choose? Most jewelers carry a version of this enduring classic. The Tiffany Setting is known for its 6 prongs, tulip-style head, and knife edge shank. Here is a selection of real life pictures of solitaires inspired by the Tiffany Setting.

Starting with the original...

Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany Engagement Ring
Posted by Bellabee
Tiffany & Co. E-Ring!

Tiffany Engagement Ring
Posted by Bellabee

Tiffany & Co. solitaire engagement ring with a .96ct H VS2 round brilliant cut diamond.

Excel Diamonds

Excel Diamonds Inspired by Tiffany Setting
Posted by CareBear
Here's my upgrade

Excel Diamonds Inspired by Tiffany Setting
Posted by CareBear

Excel Diamonds inspired by Tiffany solitaire setting featuring a 2.1ct I VS2 round brilliant diamond.


Whiteflash Inspired by Tiffany Setting
Posted by MaryAlaina
Reset My 2.28ct into WF's Tiffany Repro

Whiteflash Inspired by Tiffany Setting
Posted by MaryAlaina

Whiteflash classic Tiffany style knife-edge solitaire engagement ring featuring a 2.28ct I SI2 round brilliant diamond.

Nice Ice

Nice Ice Inspired by Tiffany Setting
Posted by joeq
2.04ct J-SI2 in Platinum Tiffany Solitaire from NiceIce

Whiteflash Inspired by Tiffany Setting
Posted by joeq

Nice Ice knife-edge solitaire engagement ring featuring a 2.04ct J SI2 round brilliant diamond.

Good Old Gold

Good Old Gold Inspired by Tiffany Engagement Ring Setting
Posted by KittyGolightly
My new GOG Tiffany replica e-ring

Good Old Gold Inspired by Tiffany Setting
Posted by KittyGolightly

Good Old Gold Tiffany style engagement ring with a 1.23ct H VS2 Hearts and Arrows diamond

Union Diamond

Union Diamond Inspired by Tiffany Engagement Ring Setting
Posted by danrts
From Australia: my 1.58ct F Si1 from Union Diamond

Union Diamond Inspired by Tiffany Setting
Posted by danrts

Union Diamond Tiffany style six prong solitaire engagement ring with a 1.58ct F SI1 diamond.

Mark Morrell

Mark Morrell Starburst Engagement Ring
Posted by goodo
Petite sunburst with GOG diamond

Mark Morrell Starburst Engagement Ring
Posted by goodo

While not a Tiffany replica, Mark Morrell's hand crafted six prong solitaire has a similar structure. goodo's ring features a 1.27 E VS1 ideal cut round diamond.

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When you buy a Tiffany engagement ring, are you overpaying for the name? Or is the quality really that much better? Do they only use top tier stones?

20 Answers
Lara Kranc

About saving money on a diamond engagement ring, there is no rule saying that an engagement ring has to be a diamond. It’s just a tradition that has been successfully propagated by a powerful diamond lobby keen on profit. You can find beautiful, unique, handcrafted rings with other stones for a tenth of the cost of a diamond. For ideas, check out the jewelry section of; INBLUE His & Hers Stainless Steel Silver Black Gold Ring Love Pendant Necklace Set, 20 & 23-Inch Chain.

Getting married? The engagement ring and wedding rings you select for your fiancée and yourself will be symbols of your love and commitment for the rest of your life. Of course, the diamond industry knows this and does a brilliant job coercing us to spend a small fortune on engagement rings. Although quality engagement rings and wedding bands (like all fine jewelry) come at a cost, there is no reason you should pay what the mainstream jewelry industry asks you to pay for these rings. It is very possible to save money on engagement rings — in fact, you may be able to save up to 50 percent off the retail price of a diamond engagement ring. Here’s how.

If you want to save money on an engagement ring or wedding rings, do not buy them from a chain jeweler. Sadly, this is what most people do (including myself, before I knew better).

It’s easy to understand why: Major jewelers like Kay, Zales, Jared, Tiffany’s, etc. spend millions on advertising, are easily accessible nationwide, and give most diamond-buyers peace of mind that they’re dealing with a reputable company. (I would venture to guess than when buying diamonds, many people would rather overpay than risk spending hundreds or thousands on a gem that is not the indicated quality or isn’t even genuine.)

There’s nothing wrong with shopping at these chain jewelers to get a sense for what kind of rings you want, but the simple fact is that these stores mark up diamonds to double their cost…or more. If you do have your heart set on an engagement ring from one of these stores, always try negotiating. Early in my ring-buying experience I had a chain jeweler manager slashing the price of one ring by hundreds of dollars before I even asked. On the flip side, some of the higher-end jewelers with brands to protect will absolutely not negotiate their prices. But you never know until you ask.

So if you shouldn’t buy your engagement ring at a chain jeweler, where should you turn? You have a few choices: An independent jeweler, a diamond wholesaler (if you’re fortunate enough to live in New York or another large city where these exist), or an online diamond retailer.

During my ring-buying experience, I was blown away by online diamond stores like James Allen and Blue Nile. The sites let you search through over 25,000 diamonds to find those in your price, size, and quality specifications and match your chosen gem with dozens of setting options. Prices seem to be nearly half of comparable rings in retail stores, and the site has an impeccable online reputation. They also offer free shipping and free returns.

A simple 4mm platinum comfort fit men’s wedding band is $780 on James Allen compared to $1,450 at a local Jared the Galleria of Jewelry store. It’s almost half the price!

Amazon is also rife with some incredible diamond deals, although buying through an online auction is a bit riskier than through a reputable online dealer. If you decide to buy an engagement ring on eBay, make sure you’re well-versed in diamond values and Amazon transactions. Only purchase a ring if the seller agrees to use an escrow account for payment and allows you to take the ring to a jeweler for appraisal once you receive it.

If buying a diamond online isn’t for you, check out your local jewelers. Although rings at these stores will be significantly more than rings online, you’ll get more bang for your buck than at chain jewelers, as well as better craftsmanship and, most likely, a ring that is more unique. Although I purchased my fiancée’s engagement ring at a chain jeweler after being unable to find the style ring I wanted online, we’re having a local jeweler design a new ring for the diamond after my fiancée discovered the ring’s setting was too high and she was banging it around. We’ve gotten top-notch service from this jeweler, and his custom-designed setting will end up costing less than many of the generic settings available in the chain stores.

For the brave, the absolute cheapest way to buy a diamond engagement ring is to buy a loose stone from a diamond wholesaler. To do this, you’ll have to live in or travel to a major city like New York and visit the diamond district in person. You’ll need to know what you’re doing, because these dealers are used to dealing with professional jewelers, and may try to take advantage of a naïve buyer.

That said, if you negotiate correctly you can get your rock at wholesale prices and then have a jeweler design a setting. One final caution: Most of these dealers only accept cold hard cash. I had a colleague at SmartMoney magazine buy his fiancée’s diamond this way and I recall him recounting how strange it was to walk through Midtown Manhattan with thousands of dollars in his pocket.

Although this post is mostly about saving money on a diamond engagement ring, there is no rule saying that an engagement ring has to be a diamond. It’s just a tradition that has been successfully propagated by a powerful diamond lobby keen on profit. You can find beautiful, unique, handcrafted rings with other stones for a tenth of the cost of a diamond. For ideas, check out the jewelry section of KONOV 2pcs Mens Womens CZ Couples Stainless Steel Love Pendant Love Necklace, 18 & 22 inch Chain. an online marketplace for handmade products.

Did you save big money on your engagement ring? Get ripped off? Opted out of a diamond or an engagement ring altogether?

I hope I helped.

Good luck.

Nick Falcone

Put it this way that little blue box will cost you thousands.

Tiffany's is severely overpriced. Yes, you get a decent grade, but you can find the same color, clarity, cut, and carat weight for half the price if you do your homework.

Sales, Kay's and all the mall jewelers are almost as overpriced as Tiffany's is and they lack the quality and cool blue box.

I purchased a 2 carat Princess cut diamond, color E, VS1, and purchased it from a wellreseached and referred jeweler in Antwerp. I was able to pay for the airfare, hotel, expenses, and still save money on the diamond w/ the associated costs.

Do your homework, and if buying at a jeweler in Antwerp, make sure you know their reputation. There have been disreputable stores that switch the stone when wrapping up your purchase only to find its a smaller or poorer grade once back in the states.

Henry Vo

Found this from another member that will translate well in this thread:

"As with all high-end goods, you buy not only a product but (sometimes more importantly) a brand.  Tiffany, like all luxury good retailers, invests heavily in marketing and advertising to create an image associated with sophistication, style, affluence, superior quality and exclusivity.

If you shop at Wal-Mart you are part of the masses.  If you shop at Tiffany, you are part of the elite (or so they would have you believe).  Their profit margins are very high for a retailer, 59%.  They operate in a price-insensitive segment of retailing.  Making prices cheaper would degrade the very intentional image they've spent so much money to build.

Armani, Hermes, Gucci, Cartier, Fendi, Rolex, Louis Vuitton, Coach, Mercedes, Rolls Royce.  The names sound familiar, right?  They all have the same thing in common - a desirable image.  Wear a Rolex, and people are talking about your watch (and, perhaps, your vulgar display of wealth).  Wear a Timex and they're not.

Exclusivity comes at a price.

(dollars in thousands)



Ringfront - The #1 Marketplace for Jewelers, Sellers, and Jewelry

Jonathan Goldberg
I agree with all of the answers given so far - Tiffany designs are top notch and their quality is excellent. For example, their diamonds start at I colour, SI1 clarity and only go up from there. I would also believe that, the same way I do for my clients, Tiffany's diamond department hand-selects only the nicest of each clarity grade - so an SI1 from Tiffany is likely white and well placed inclusions vs. the black carbon inclusions found in many diamonds elsewhere.

There are definitely alternatives to Tiffany though, without sacrificing on quality and design expertise. That is the premise of my own company, Kimberfire. I am confident that our quality is on-par with Tiffany, if not even better as each piece is tailor made for the client. On average, our prices are approximately 40% less than the equivalent at Tiffany. So there are definitely other options to consider!

That being said, Kimberfire is not a traditional retailer. The only way we can offer pricing that much lower for equivalent quality is due to our direct relationships with manufacturers and our extremely low overheads. If you go to a traditional retailer and the price is that much less than Tiffany, then the quality is likely not equivalent. Please always purchase from someone you trust.

One of my favourite rings we've made was actually just picked up by the customer yesterday. It's a 2.10 carat, GIA certified, round diamond set in a custom made and super-skinny 19k white gold setting. We used palladium to make the gold alloy rather than nickel, ensuring a bright white and allergen free material. The equivalent quality diamond at Tiffany would have been north of $40,000. We were able to put this together for significantly less (still a very expensive ring mind you!).

As you can see, there are excellent options for engagement rings out there other than the traditional big names, where you can purchase a beautiful ring without paying the big-name overhead.

I hope this helps!
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it better to buy a diamond engagement ring from a jeweler or from a place like Jared, Tiffany or Zales?

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