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Is Your Tiffany Jewelry Worth Pawning or Selling?

Is Your Tiffany Jewelry Worth Pawning or Selling?


If you’re like most people, you have a box (or chest) filled with jewelry that you either love to wear, are holding onto for sentimental reasons, or completely forget that you owned. Regardless, every now and then it’s good to take stock in your jewelry to determine if some of these pieces in your collection are worth more if you pawn them, than holding onto them.

One of the most popular jewelry lines around is Tiffany & Co., which is a luxury brand that only sells high-end pieces of jewelry. In other words, it can be a great way for you to get quick cash, if you happen to have a Tiffany in your arsenal.

But what kind of money can you expect to get from your Tiffany jewelry, and is it worth pawning, or should you hold into it?

What you can do to get the most out of your Tiffany Jewelry

One of the best ways to make sure that your Tiffany Jewelry gets you the most amount of cash when you pawn or sell it, is to make sure it’s properly maintained. This means cleaning your Tiffany items at least once a year and keeping up with maintenance such as clasp repair, pearl restringing, gemstone cleanings and more.

You’ll also want to pawn your Tiffany jewelry with its original box or pouch. Not only does this help keep your jewelry intact, but it adds to the authenticity, and people love buying Tiffany  jewelry in their original packaging. You also want to bring a copy of the Tiffany or GIA certification paperwork with you to your Boston Pawn Shop, to help verify the authenticity of the item.

What are popular Tiffany items you can earn good cash on?

Some of the most popular Tiffany items we’ve seen lately are diamond rings, gold bracelets, sterling silver necklaces and pendants. However, tastes and trends are always changing. What you might think of as outdated or unattractive might be exactly what someone else is looking for.  When in doubt, always bring your Tiffany jewelry to your pawn shop to see if it’s worth pawning or selling.

Our jewelry assessors take into consideration the type of jewelry, quality, color, weight, and other attributes to determine the exact worth of the item. We use a tried and true list of criteria to provide you the fairest price for any Tiffany jewelry. Keep in mind, however, that supply and demand do impact value. Highly sought-after items (like a diamond necklace) are far more likely to be worth more in cash than a sterling sliver bracelet.

Why should I pawn and not sell my Tiffany jewelry?

Whether you want to pawn or sell your Tiffany jewelry, the end result is the same – fast cash. The difference comes down to whether you want that piece of jewelry back some day. People choose to pawn their Tiffany & Co. jewelry because it has sentimental value to them, or because they believe that it’ll be worth far more money down the road. By pawning your Tiffany jewelry, you can now pay off the loan and reclaim your jewelry in the future.

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