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Accoutrement Belt Plates Book

As part of this site's efforts to expose the bogus belt buckles attributed to Tiffany & Co., A. J. Nash, Anson Mills, E. Gaylord, etc., one of the most notorious books created specifically to perpetrate the ongoing deceit, is now being reprinted: this time with a Preface (that discusses the fact the the buckles documented in the book are, indeed, bogus), a table of contents, photos of buckles missing from the original version, and an index. The book has been entitled, Accoutrement Belt Plates: Exposed! and is available from

Disturbingly, collectors of the bogus buckles are forced to pay absurd prices for copies of the original fake book (one site currently sells a copy for the outlandish about of $110.00 and falsely states that "Tiffany and Co., London" published it) - nothing could be farther from the truth. With the reprint of Accoutrement Belt Plates: Exposed!, collectors will no longer have to get ripped of when attempting to purchase this bogus book. Every effort has been made to keep the cost of this reprinted edition to a minimum and is being offered at a mere $12.95.

Special Sale!

Accoutrement Belt Plates: Exposed! for just $9.95

In order to thank our site visitors, we have decided to offer Accoutrement Belt Plates: Exposed! at the reduced rate of $9.95 (not including shipping via USPS Priority Mail).

Click here to purchase your copy today!

New Additions to Bogus Buckles

Visitors to this site will enjoy visiting our Book Store that is designed to help collectors obtain accurate mate yhxetnku. tiffany äärettömyys kaulakorurials (or items that are known and identified as inaccurate) related to the fascinating hobby of belt buckle collecting. In order to halt the sales of some of the fake materials created to defraud collectors, Bogus Buckles is proud to offer eBook editions of some of the fake books and catalogs that appeared during the 1970's and 1980's in an attempt to legitimize these fake buckles. Even now, these "modern antiques" are often sold on the Internet for hundreds of dollars. Disturbingly, eBay intentionally ignores complaints regarding some of the exorbitant prices asked for some of these.

Visitors will also be interested in visiting our Photo Album. This already contains pictures of most (but not all) of these buckles. In the event that you own one of the buckles not already documented on this site, it you are encouraged to upload your own pictures of them. Not only will this give others an opportunity to share what information they may have, but it will also serve to further identify any buckles not already mentioned on this site. This service is, and always will be, free.






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