Tiffany Ring Pricing Should I Buy a Tiffany Engagement Ring? tiffany engagement rings

Should I Buy a Tiffany & Co. Engagement Ring?

tiffany ring pricingTiffany & Co. engagement rings or non-name brand engagement rings?  Seems like an easy choice since one of the two is a recognized luxury bridal line.

You’re not alone in assuming that just because an engagement ring is designer brand that the quality will be better all around. Although, it isn’t true (not at all actually).  The reason you end up paying, what seems like a fortune, more for your Tiffany & Co. engagement ring is because well, you’re paying for the brand.

Today, you’re in for a treat.  We’re going to explore how you can get a similar ring – or even better one – for a wayyyy less price.

tiffany ring pricingIn the photo above the better deal is actually the non-designer engagement ring. Which isn’t too hard to determine.  Both of these engagement rings are made in a platinum setting.  The Tiffany & Co. engagement ring is made with a 3.28ct Cushion center diamond.  The Tiffany ring price is $189,000.

tiffany ring pricingIn contrast, you can obviously see in this case the non-designer engagement ring is the way to go.  Not only are you getting platinum metal, but there is an over 7 carat cushion cut diamond.  Price?  $134,125.  That’s a whole lot diamonds more than $50,000 cheaper than the Tiffany ring.

tiffany ring pricingThese two engagement rings feature an Oval center diamond.  The Tiffany engagement ring is made in platinum vs. the non-designer ring that is made in 18k white gold.  However, this Tiffany & Co ring has a 4.22ct oval diamond and the non-designer features a 9.05ct oval diamond.

The difference in price?

The Tiffany & Co. ring price is $79,995.  The non-designer engagement ring is priced at $54,995.  That’s almost 30k less for a diamond over 4 carats more than the Tiffany ring.

tiffany ring pricing

As you can tell, when it comes to designer engagement rings you’re definitely paying for the brand. The pretty little Tiffany & Co stamp we love, oh so much.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t find a similar engagement ring for a fraction of the cost.

Don’t forget to explore ALL of your options before choosing your dream ring.


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Tiffany Blue:
For A Wedding or Engagement Party

For most North Americans a Tiffany blue wedding or engagement party is the perfect theme—it's a color with a tradition, kind of like red and green at Christmas!

Dishes and party supplies in Tiffany blue

Tiffany blue is one of the most branded colors out there, synonymous not only with the legendary jeweler but also with engagements. It makes an ideal theme for any occasion surrounding your nuptials because of what it represents.

By simply using the color you add instant glamour and style to your event while reinforcing the reason for the celebration. Like with any party theme, it can be used for an elegant event, a casual affair, or a scaled-down wedding or engagement party. It's all in the details!

It's All About The Color

The color itself is protected by a color trademark so what you'll find on the market are slight variations which look exactly the same and will give you that desirable Tiffany blue theme wedding or engagement party.

Color Trademark Tiffany Blue

Use one or two accent colors to really highlight the richness of the color. The obvious choices are black and white—it's the purest and most formal combination for a Tiffany theme.

Black accent with Tiffany Blue

We personally like a 70-30 mix for the blue to black. We don't really count the white as a color in our palette because it will naturally appear in dishes and various other places like invitations, labels, favors, flowers etc.

white flower

White is the perfect color for party flowers in a Tiffany theme and you'll find varieties to suit every budget.

Visit our favorite wholesale supplier to have fabulous fresh flowers shipped straight to your party.

Silver and gold accents with basic color palette of Tiffany Blue and Black

After black, comes silver and gold which remind us of the precious metals used in Tiffany & Co. jewelry. These will give a formal look to your event. Use gold or silver (not both) as an accent in smaller quantities for best results.

Informal color palette with Tiffany Blue

You can still use Tiffany blue for a wedding or engagement party if you're going for a more casual look by pairing it with neutrals. It works really well with earth-tones creating a color scheme that's ideal for outdoor parties, tropical settings, and backyard affairs.

Tiffany Blue Invitations for Weddings & Engagements

Invitations and Stickers

Your invitations are so important for setting up your party theme. It's the first thing your guests experience that relates to the party.

As they say, you only have one chance to make a first impression so make sure to include the color in your invitations.

Whether the party you're planning is formal or casual, it's important to carry the same palette throughout every aspect. It's these little details that will make your party special and your color theme successful.

Tiffany Blue Party Ideas

The best way to make a big impression is to use inexpensive decorations and lots of them! 

Having many (and we mean, the more the better) of the same items adds a visual rhythm to a party's decor and creates a wonderful atmosphere.

No matter what venue you choose, the ceiling is going to be the place where you can add that WOW factor! It's a large surface which begs to be adorned with decorations.

ceiling decorations with balloons

Go for large paper PomPoms, hanging ornaments, and balloons. Having lots and lots of any decoration will really transform a space. And...They're all inexpensive so you get a lot of bang for you buck!


Visit our go-to supplier for the best deals on hanging decorations, balloons and other party supplies.

For a formal look...use white dishes, white linens and clear glass to create a clean and neutral backdrop.

Table decorated with a blue theme Blue box with ribbon and white roses Place setting with Tiffany blue and white color scheme

Go to your local dollar store or container store and get some cardboard boxes. Spray paint them or cover them in Tiffany blue colored paper from your local art supply store, add a white satin ribbon and you'll have a some great display pieces. Use them as party decorations, or place a tin can inside to hold flowers.

Cake display and cupcakes

Get different sizes and stack them on a display table for an interesting and elegant tablescape.


For a more casual look, pair your signature color with a rustic feeling and rich textures. The burlap table runner works so well here with the paper cut-out name holders tied to the cutlery with a simple piece of rope.

placesettings with Tiffany blue color palette

The punches of the Tiffany blue color against the neutrals and textures gives the overall look a lot of style. The important part of a successful party theme is carrying the same concepts throughout....  like with this clever cake topper.

Who would have thought that clothespins, burlap and a little paint could be so chic!

cake with topper in burlap and blue


A Tiffany blue theme for an engagement party or wedding gives you a lot of flexibility. The color is merely a starting point to express your own creativity and the mood of the party.

So use the color as a starting point and then decide what type of feeling you want. Go funky, elegant, traditional, casual, whatever best suits your style and really make it your own. 

7 Tips for Buying an Engagement Ring

Published: July 9, 2012 6:28 p.m. ET

Last Updated: July 11, 2012 5:04 p.m. ET


Deal of the Day: Diamond prices are falling, but that doesn't automatically mean better deals. Here's what to look for.


KelliB. Grant

You'd think this summer would be a great time to shop for that diamond engagement ring.

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The wholesale price of a one-carat diamond fell nearly 4% during the first half of the year, and is 14% lower than last June, according to diamond-trading network The Rapaport Group. This plunge stems largely from economic woes in India, which along with China and other countries in Southeast Asia, saw demand for diamonds grow in recent years, says Martin Rapaport, chairman of The Rapaport Group. "Even the domestic market, which was very strong, got whacked as a result," he says.

But the drop won't necessarily translate to more favorable prices at retail, says Scott Gordon, an Oklahoma City-based jeweler gemologist and member of the American Society of Appraisers. The best stones are still being bought up quickly, so there's little incentive to discount, says Antoinette Matlins, author of "Engagement and Wedding Rings: The Definitive Buying Guide."

In fact, consumers in the market for an engagement ring or other standout piece may actually have to work harder to find good deals this summer. Some bargains stones may be advertised at a discount for reasons other than a favorable market. "There are diamonds that are, simply, dogs," Matlins says. "An economic downturn is a fabulous time to unload diamond inventory that in good times is hard to sell." Shoppers should be careful to make any purchase contingent on an independent appraisal, and to ask questions about a stone's quality, she says.

Here's how to find the real diamonds in the rough:

Compromise on some C's

The four C's -- cut, color, clarity and carat -- each affect the price of a diamond. (For full details of the various grading scales, peruse the GIA's guide.) Many experts say that cut is the most important of the four. "The cut is what brings out the fire and the brilliance," says Russell Shor, a senior industry analyst for the GIA, the nonprofit that developed the grading system. A great cut affords flexibility on some of the other C's, masking less-desirable clarity and color.

Even stones graded SI1 -- seven levels below flawless -- can seem perfect to the naked eye if the diamond is well cut, he says. The average price for a round gem of 0.9 to 0.99 carats with E color is $12,992 if it's flawless, according to pricing site, while an otherwise similar SI1 stone is $4,661.

The ring's setting can also conceal certain imperfections, says Rapaport. "The yellow color of the gold makes the diamond look whiter," he says. "It's all about the contrast." Instead of the highest-grade D, which are colorless, shoppers might be able to go as low as an M, N or O. For a 0.9 to 0.99-carat round stone with VS1 clarity, that drops the average price from $8,100 to as low as $1,876. Even shoppers who pick a white metal may find that they can go as low as a K-color grade without the stone seeming overly dingy.

Buy light sizes

Prices tend to jump at the quarter-, half- and full-carat marks, Gordon says. Consumers who buy a little shy of the mark -- say, a 0.96-carat stone instead of a 1.0-carat one -- can avoid that premium. "If you weren't married to saying it's a carat and meaning it, then you could shop that way and pay a significantly smaller price," he says. But again, experts say there are fewer such stones on the market. In that case, shoppers would be better buying even a 1.01-carat stone than an exactly 1-carat one, Matlins says. "If the diamond nicks or needs re-polishing, it can lose carat weight," she says, "and then you've just lost a significant portion of what it's worth."

Pick a fancy shape

Round diamonds are the most popular pick for engagement rings, and so tend to carry premium pricing, Matlins says. Shoppers can save significantly by looking to less-popular shapes, notably ovals, hearts and marquise. In jewelry retailer's current inventory, for example, a 1.03-carat diamond with very good cut, I color and VS1 clarity has a starting price of $6,339 in a round shape. A marquise gem with the same attributes costs $3,957, and an oval one is $3,662. Fancy shapes also tend to look bigger than round diamonds of similar weight, because there's more surface area, Shor says.

But keep in mind that round is the go-to for a reason: other shapes have their own pitfalls. "As popular as they are, princess-cut diamonds look smaller for their weight than a round diamond," Matlins says. Ovals may have a sparkle-free "dead shape" at their center, especially if they were cut too thin at the edges, and any diamond shape with corners adds to the risk of chips and other damage. Plus, shoppers may not have quite as large a selection to peruse as they would with round diamonds, Gordon says. "Cutters go where the money is," he says.

Assess other qualities

Beyond the four C's, grading reports often consider qualities like fluorescence, which can make a diamond look milky or glow blue under certain lights, Gordon says. A strongly fluorescent stone might lower the price by as much as 10%, he says, but the trait isn't necessarily one that would bother a consumer. Some stones are lasered to remove imperfections, an enhancement that a grading report should note, Matlins adds. Those stones should be at least 30% cheaper because of that alteration, she says. But be cautious of other enhancements like fillings, they warn, which could affect the stone's quality long-term. And even lasering can be overdone, Shor says. "It shouldn't look like it's been shot through with holes," he says.

Skip brand names

Brand-name stones like Tiffany & Co.'s "Lucida" or "Leo" from diamond polishing firm Leo Schachter use trademarked cuts to maximize a stone's fire and brilliance. "It's like Gucci or Cartier or Porsche -- the name sells the item," says Gordon. They may charge a price premium of 10% for the marketing and the experience. But although the stones are often high-quality, the added price doesn't necessarily translate to added quality, Rapaport says.

Consider estate jewelry

Baby boomers' rush to clear out their possessions extends to jewelry, too, experts say. There are plenty of good-quality older diamonds on the market, which may be more attractively priced -- especially if the setting is less trendy or the diamond is an older cut like the "old mine," a precursor to the brilliant round cut, Rapaport says. "There could be some really good deals there," he says. But Gordon warns that there can also be dangers in the estate market for less informed consumers, since rings may not come with a diamond grading report. Make sure the sale is contingent on having the ring value and qualities confirmed by an independent appraiser.

Employ negotiation skills

Summer tends to be a slow time for jewelers, which can give consumers more wiggle room to negotiate on price, Gordon says. Some offer discounts for buying wedding bands as well as the engagement ring, or for buying the stone and setting together. A few purveyors also discount for paying cash, often equivalent to the roughly 3% fee credit card issuers charge for processing transactions.

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The punches of the Tiffany blue color against the neutrals and textures gives the overall look a lot of style. The important part of a successful party theme is carrying the same concepts throughout....  like with this clever cake topper.

Who would have thought that clothespins, burlap and a little paint could be so chic!

cake with topper in burlap and blue


A Tiffany blue theme for an engagement party or wedding gives you a lot of flexibility. The color is merely a starting point to express your own creativity and the mood of the party.