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For her good health and fitness you could consider a gym bag, sports towel, water bottle, gym membership, sports shoes, equipment for favourite sport, camping gear, pedometer, first aid kit, hand weights, treadmill or bicycle and helmet. Yoga mat and lessons will improve her flexibility. Travel vaccinations are usually expensive. It might be an odd sort of gift but will bring you both peace of mind when she is off exploring.

Diet is a big part of keeping healthy and it's regrettable that many young women have never been shown how to cook. So cooking classes and basic equipment would be gifts to get her started.

Good experiences come in thousands of different ways. Dinner with family and friends, High tea at a posh hotel, travel to an exotic destination, learning a foreign language are simple to arrange. Vouchers to try a new sport are a great idea. Think of white water rafting, scuba diving, go karting, indoor rock climbing, clay pigeon shooting or gliding. If she would like to share other people's experiences, think of a good book, camera, photo album or set of DVDs.

Travel equipment makes great presents. Does she need a cabin bag, travel backpack, GPS navigation tool or GPS emergency beacon, travel ticket, Travel Guide or Passport wallet?

While many young women are shrugging off the trappings of a comfortable life to explore the world, others are settling down. Homemaking presents are much appreciated by anyone who is furnishing a bedroom or flat for the first time. Ask her what she needs. If she has listed her favourite stores and colours on your gift giving has just got easier. Towels, bed linen, china, glassware, kitchen utensils and appliances may not sound glamorous but are an essential part of a glamorous lifestyle. Also think of gifts such as a potted plant, goldfish in an oversize bowl, rug, throw for the sofa, big floor cushion, candle sticks with candles, tiffany lamp, or bookshelves.

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