Woman told to 'cover up' in gym because toned body was intimidating others
Tiffany Austin says she herself felt ‘intimidated and harassed’ by the incident (Picture: KTVU.com)

A female gym-goer wearing leggings and a cropped halterneck during a workout says she feels harassed after being told to cover up by gym staff because her toned body was intimidating other users.

Tiffany Austin, who was in recovery following a car accident and had been told by doctors to keep fit, was exercising in Planet Fitness in Richmond, California, in the US.

After 15 minutes on the treadmill, a member of staff approached and asked her to put on another T-shirt, following a number of complaints.

‘She says, “excuse me we’ve had some complaints you’re intimidating people with your toned body so can you put on a shirt”,’ Ms Austin told KTVU.

Tiffany Austin visited the Richmond, California, branch of Planet Fitness, where she was told to cover up (Picture: KTVU.com)

Ms Austin says she demanded to see a manager before asking for her money back and leaving the gym. She later said she felt judged, intimidated and harassed by the incident.

Planet Fitness, which has 5million members, operates a ‘no gymtimidation’ policy, whereby the elitism and machismo often seen in other gyms is not tolerated. The company also has a ‘lunk alarm’: a siren which goes off whenever anyone grunts too loudly or clangs a weight onto the floor.

Fellow Richmond gym-user Geovanna Borges said she likes the policy and agrees with Planet Fitness that ‘it’s unfair to show off your body’ if it makes other exercisers feel inadequate.

Planet Fitness says dress code is at the discretion of staff and management (Pictrure: KTVU.com)